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Learn how to dance bachata & Enjoy your first dances.

I show you how to start with no natural talent in dancing bachata.

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Imagine you get more steps, style, confidence.

WE TEACH YOU TECHNIQUE & FEELING for the Leader & Follower !

20min HD Video! Vamos a bailar !

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 Hola, this is Mohamed. I help you to Dance Bachata & Be a Mindful Dancer. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. Spirit and dance technique are the keys of your success in your bachata story If you want to make a change in your dance life, start here. Most dancers struggle to learn bachata and fully develop their potential. I help you to define & create your own bachata legend. I help you to learn how to dance & to be a dancer.
You are awesome by nature. With some little actions and adjustments, you can improve the benefits you get from dancing bachata.  If you are not born to be a dancer, you can become a complete dancer. I show you a process to go from beginner to master, build your spirit & technique

Mohamed Aissa

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Get the benefits of dancing bachata

Learn how to be a Mindful Dancer of Bachata

There is a connection between the practice of bachata and happiness in life! Discover how few successful dancers get the best social, psychological, emotional benefits from dancing. I explain you how to combine mentality & technique to be a good & enthusiastic bachata dancer.

Read the guide “The Benefits of Dancing Bachata” (10 pages).