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Hola, this is Mohamed the founder of Bachata influence. If you want to make a change in your dance life, start here. Most dancers struggle to learn bachata and fully develop their potential. They have limiting beliefs and lack of confidence. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. Mind+Dance = Success!
Develop your potential as a person & dancer is the key for a successful journey. With some little actions and adjustments, you can improve your dance experience. You are awesome by nature. If you are not born to be a dancer, you can become a complete dancer. Follow a process, build your spirit & technique. In 1 word? Learn how to dance & to be a dancer. Si o si?

Mohamed Aissa

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What is your favourite bachata song?

What is your favourite bachata song? I am really happy that we talk about bachata music, because music and dance are really connected. Like brother and sister they are just one. We cannot say that we are a dancer if we do not pay attention to...

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There is a connection between the practice of bachata and happiness in life! Discover how few successful dancers get the best social, psychological, emotional benefits from dancing. I explain you how to combine mentality & technique to be a good & enthusiastic bachata dancer.

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ATTENTION, the practice of Bachata is an easy way to get a F****** good life!

The Secret is not to be a perfect dancer. But to be an Happy dancer. Influenced by the positive psychology, Bachata Influence is your guide to become an Happier Dancer.

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Manlio Messina

Mohamed has a great passion and technique, and enthusiasm. His training is unique and brings you to upper level in terms of enabling not only a better technique but understanding the spirit of dancing bachata than means understanding personal capacities and that nothing is really impossible for who dance

Manlio Messina Bachata Dancer (Italy)


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