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Beginner to Advanced (2022)


BACHATA from A to Z. 13h of videos! Learn how to TRULY Dance Your Way to FUN & EXCITEMENT. From Beginner to Advanced

★★★★★ THE Complete Bachata course =100 Bachata Steps in HD video to SHINE LIKE A STAR on the dancefloor  ★★★★★

  • Bonus 1 : 28 days of happiness in dance (182 pages)

  • Bonus 2 : The science of being a rich dancer (8 pages)

  • You will find the 2 pdf in the first workshop in the section “resources” :).

This program is the result of the last 10 years on the dancefloor attending more than 30 international bachata congresses.

That method worked for me and the 500 students I have trained offline and online.

We teach in 54 countries !

★★★★★ What our students think.. ★★★★★

“You cannot go wrong with these instructors. They are skilled dancers providing clear explanation of the moves and focus on the technique as well as bringing joy to your dancing. Highly recommended!” Veronika Matuskova ★★★★★

“Mohamed is a wonderful dancer and teacher. I can highly recommend his lessons. I really like his dance style and personal attitude to students 🙂 we miss you in Brno, Hana” -Hana Polackova ★★★★★

“Great course for beginner , also allowing you to get to a great and better level of bachata step by step, you will like it!” – Stéphane G. ★★★★★

“Really enjoying this course with my wife during Lockdown 2.0. Thanks Mohamed and Petra!” -Ryan Eaton ★★★★★

“I had the chance to have live bachata lessons with Mohamed. He is a wonderful teacher, driven by his passion for dancing and for humans. You will have fun watching this course !” – Elena Popescu ★★★★★

“Great idea and so well done! Thanks for teachers like you who can share this amazing dance even online with professional videos, that’s amazing! ” – Lucie Novotna ★★★★★

“Great content as usual – experience and creativity shines through and you can see their enthusiasm. Bravo!” – Jason Iredale

“I love it! This training brought me back great memories and really motivates me to get better at dancing bachata! It is simple to follow and full of great steps! I recommend it! 🙂 ” – Chris ★★★★★

“Very complete lessons! Thanks a lot Mohamed!!” – Gabrielle Barthez ★★★★★

“Wooow, it was really amazing , above the expectations, logical and taught with great energy and positive flow. Thank you  ” -Lenka Manciu

“Thank you for this course. I was searching for bachata course for long time, than I found this basic and it is rigth the course I needed.” -Lukáš Šleboda ★★★★★

“Great course for starting with Bachata. Interesting and animated moves with follow through explanations at a good pace.” – Rares G.★★★★★

“This was a great course. I didn’t know a thing about bachata before. They explained everything very well. I’d recommend this to everyone.”

-MaryLee Dalley ★★★★★

“The course was very well put together. We had a lot of fun taking this course”-Alex Salajan ★★★★★

“I love the charming energy which emenates from both teachers. There is a clear perception of their great mastery, and very important too, they irradiate goodness and dedication. The courses are really easy to reproduce and to use, which was what I needed in order to enrich my répertoire on the dancefloor.” – Yvain Guerrero ★★★★★

“This course has helped me to strengthen my basics, taught creative intermediate combination. And also went ahead exploring advanced steps. I’m ready to impress and express and set fire on my social bachata nights. The most complete bachata course in Udemy. Thank you Mohamed and Petra.” -Allan Beurot ★★★★★

“I have started with several of these courses and I found a good way to learn at home with my gf. New steps very well explained!”-Raul Andrade Martin ★★★★★

“Very inspiring for both beginners and advanced dancers” – Magda Le Folgoc ★★★★★

The result is…

  • Bring some new cool moves & a story on a dance floor with you.

  • You are not just a dancer, you are an experience maker!

OUR Method of Teaching :

For each class, we teach:

  • How to lead for the boy?

  • How to follow for the girl?

  • When to add the emotional part ?

Ps! No choreography, only lead & follow via signal !

The Method of Learning

  • Take a partner

  • Watch us!

  • Get your role as a leader or follower!

  • Do it with us without music!

  • Do it with us with music adding technique & emotional part.

  • Do it alone personally to make it before the party.

  • Make it during the party & Enjoy…

Structure of each class

  • We introduce you the course.

  • We do the course with you

  • We provide you some extra bachata tips at the end of each class.

SO, Get Excited … !  With Petra, we are passionate dancers & teachers. We are very happy to support your rise.

Do you also desire to dance bachata with confidence or continue to rise with an accessible method?

If you are beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, I am going to show you how to do it.

Bachata has transformed my life so much and now it is your turn ! 👇



My mission is simple: :

To make you progress in Bachata while having fun.

Whatever your level: beginner, intermediate, advanced…

Whatever your current challenges in Bachata: steps, learning process, musicality, social dancing, style, fear or lack of confidence, not enough practice…I have an accessible solution to have new results👇




We teach Bachata Online in 56 countries🌎

400+ students – 90 reviews – 4.75/5 Instructor rate    

Discover why our students are satisfied 🔥


 ” This was a great course. I didn’t know a thing about bachata before. They explained everything very well. I’d recommend this to everyone. “

MaryLee Dalley-Bachata Lover

 ” Really enjoying this course with my wife during Lockdown 2.0.Thanks Mohamed and Petra!

Ryan-Bachata Lover

 ” First of all: I think you are a fantastic dance-couple! “

Ricardo-Bachata Lover

 I am impressed how carefully and patiently the not-so easy-moves are explained, always with a genuine and tender smile. this all makes it easy in the end to acquire the new steps and these are very well chosen, I am confident on their effect on the dance floor next time.  “

Sharon-Bachata Lover

BEGINNER, Learn the Basics! 👇

FULL TUTORIAL to start with no natural talent in bachata.


INTERMEDIATE for Social Dancing 👇

FULL WORKSHOP to shine on the dance floor tonight.

Latest Videos

Hi ! My name’s Mohamed

Some people are born dancers: I’m not. My name is Mohamed, and a few years ago something changed my life forever…

Can you really learn Bachata from 0? Can you enjoy dancing, having friends, self-esteem via Bachata even if you think you do not have “talent” for that? The answer is…YES!

I started with fear. I spent more time studying than having social time with my friends when I was a student. I had a wonderful family and good living conditions but I secretly expected more entertainment and social connections in my life. Your twenties should be the moment when you enjoy with people and experience great stories! But my shyness prevented me from approaching any girls… I had mental blocks and limiting beliefs. My best decision ever? To have started, get passion & made my dance dreams come true.

I became part of a wonderful local & international dance community. I have teached Bachata to more than 200 students from 20 different countries. I have the respect and the admiration of my own family and friends for that. Now I travel for dancing all around Europe, I have thousands of dancing experiences & friends! I have had more love from people and…self-love for myself since I have been dancing bachata. After 10 years of Bachata dancing experience, my passion is still here and my deep desire is to transfer it to you today if you. 

I know it is sometimes very difficult to learn, get the next level or simply overcome a temporary self confidence crisis. I experienced it …
I help you to Dance Bachata & Be a Mindful Dancer. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. Spirit and dance technique are the keys of your success in your bachata story If you want to make a change in your dance life, start here. Most dancers struggle to learn bachata and fully develop their potential. I help you to define & create your own bachata legend. I help you to learn how to dance & to be a dancer.
You are awesome by nature. With some little actions and adjustments, you can improve the benefits you get from dancing bachata.  If you are not born to be a dancer, you can become a complete dancer. I show you a process to go from beginner to master, build your spirit & technique
I am not an artist i do agree with that. For me, you are the artist and i have a plan to reveal it !

Mohamed Aissa