Discover how to live a dance life that really inspires you, within 28 days. 

​Are you ​getting ​all the results you desire after all your efforts?

​For those who want to take care of their well-being, social connections, dance level or self-confidence, ​and become their ideal dancer ​:

​​Being successful in dance won't guarantee ​happiness. Failing should​n't take you down too. ​With the right dance spirit, you will be unstoppable! Let me tell you a secret...

​​Transform yourself with 28 actions in 28 days !

Get the transformation that will make you being happier than ever before !


My secret is a journey... Are you IN?

I coach you from the first to the 28th day and explain you why and what to do. This is not just a program, this is a ​daily and easy actions to get a smooth and long term transformation. If you will get ​your first action to do and your first result after day 1. The results after 28 days will be fantastic if you follow exactly what I created for you.

Forget what you think you know. Because if you knew the truth you would not be suffering from social relationships, your level, your passiveness, or even yourself not being able to get to your dance goals as well for negativity and conflict in the dance community. Your current mindset drove you to the results you have now.

It is human to have some down period. But self-sabotage is not what I want for you. Engage yourself to 28 days of happiness and grow your dance mindset up.

​The ​way to get more...

  • 1
    “Imagine, you turn all situations in your dance journey as a source of serenity and well-being. You will  feel good.”.
  • 2
    To be yourself
    "Imagine, you will take off the mask and fully assume who you are as a dancer."
  • 3
    Be an inspiration.
    "Imagine, you will shine and your dance circle will be inspired by you. "

But attention!

  • 1
    ​​You need to be involved!
    ​​It's going to require a your work.
  • 2
    ​Apply all!
    ​If you don't follow exactly what I tell you, step by step, and my advice, it won't work: you really, and simply, have to follow the instructions I give you to start


​                                                                   Day 1: Enjoy your good fortune.
                                                                   Day 2: Your dance stone: your new lucky charm.
                                                                   Day 3: Your dance community is fantastic.
                                                                   Day 4: The gift of health allows me to dance.
                                                                   Day 5: You are a fantastic dancer.
                                                                   Day 6: Mother dance.
                                                                   Day 7: Eliminate negativity in your community and feel better.
                                                                   Day 8: Music, the ingredient of my happiness.
                                                                   Day 9: Happiness 1 -0 Success.
                                                                   Day 10: Spray your community with magic powder.
                                                                   Day 11: A miracle morning routine.
                                                                   Day 12: Magic dancers make a difference.
                                                                   Day 13: Make your dance dreams come true!
                                                                   Day 14: Enjoy an evening of fantastic dancing.
                                                                   Day 15: Restore your sensitive relationships as if by magic.
                                                                   Day 16: Your dance past, present and future.
                                                                   Day 17: What is the value of the dancer you have become?
                                                                   Day 18: Dance: the salt of life.
                                                                   Day 19: 100 magic steps.
                                                                   Day 20: Dance with your heart.
                                                                   Day 21: Fantastic results.
                                                                   Day 22: Draw your success.
                                                                   Day 23: Dance as if it were your last dance.
                                                                   Day 24: The magic wand.
                                                                   Day 25: The gratitude visit.
                                                                   Day 26: Turn your mistakes into benefits.
                                                                   Day 27: The Magic Mirror.
                                                                   Day 28: ​Surprise...

Get ready to get some Atomic Habits !

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Ps: i add my podcast "my 50 personal bachata secrets)

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What ​Happy Dancers Are Saying...

Alenka H.

​"This program helped me a lot to realize more deeply that what I did automatically subconsciously"

"​At first I would like to thank you so much to Mohamed for choosing me for this program.
I was very excited and curious what this program can bring me. And also because music and dance is my life and passion.
When I started to read it I knew it that I have great instruction for my next level in a dance in my hand and I was so grateful for that. Everything started with gratitude and this is a huge value of everything in our life. Gratitude for good and also for bad in our lives. Everything is perfectly timing for everyone.

This program helped me a lot to realize more deeply that what I did automatically subconsciously I read it in this program. And I was so happy that another person thinking like me and realizes that whatever we can achieved in life  as long as we believe in it and imagine that we have already achieved that success.

Program help me to realize more deeply that I can be grateful for so many things.
I was grateful for lessons which I attended, for people which I met during the dance experience for many things.But I found another things and situations for which I can be grateful. For example, I am grateful for my dancing shoes, for people which make them, for positive energy when I hear the music,  for DJ which can play my favorite songs if I tell them, for clothes which are so comfortable for dance,  for my friends which support me in dance and they praise me after dance, it is so amazing to hear that.

My favorite part from this program was Day 10 Magic powder which in my opinion, it has the greatest impact on people, on the dance atmosphere because it generates positive energy, which is spread automatically. Everyone need attention and feel the good energy from another person and be grateful for that. Always when I am with people in dance community I trying to talk with them or say hello how are you doing?
It doesn't matter that will be only a few seconds, they will appreciate your interest,
maybe you will be the only one during the evening who stops or just looks into their eyes.
You never know who will be pleased with your presence.

This program help me to understand more how I need think when I am in dance community. Right now I started thinking about how people actually perceive me as a person in the dance world and I realize that the response will always be what I will give them, they give me back.
Everyone of us want to spend a great time together and have a good feeling and fun during the dance.

I recommend this program to everyone who starts to dance to realize how to think and which kind of attitude to have  for a dance to people and to themselves. And also for anyone who is already dancing so that he can move forward and achieve what he wants to achieve in dance.

Good luck to everyone and don't forget, never allow to anyone to st​eal your dance dreams,,
It is your life, your time, your happiness and your responsibility to do what you are dreaming for."

​​Alenka H. (​Bachata Lover-Slovakia)

Iva Z.

​"My fears disappeared..."

"​​After these 28 days I feel much better, much more self-confident and free in my soul.
Definitely yes, I could focus on my dance life from the other perspective than before and it enabled me to gain much more happiness, freedom and all the good feeling in my (not only) dance life.

More important, this program has helped me to make disappears some of my fears. All my fears related to my dancing competences,  and myself on the dance floor. It disappeared because I found out that the most important thing is to be yoursel, and not to try to be somebody else. I learnt to avoid comparing with other dancers, as it says nothing about me and my dancing soul. Moreover, I do not need to be best on the technique, I just need to be better myself than I was yesterday. Ans this happened. "

​​Iva Z. (​Dance lover)

​"Mohamed has given me a new perspective"

“​Mohamed is very interesting person. He absolutely get you with his passion for dance and love he radiate around himself. My first serious bachata classes was in another place, and honestly after these lessons I was do not much like bachata. Mohamed give me new perspective to bachata. Thank you very much.”

​Zdenda Illek (​Happy dancer)

Bachata learning
Learning Bachata
Learning Bachata

About the Author: Mohamed AISSA

​Dancer, Teacher, Lecturer, Blogger in passion for Bachata.

I have the desire to improve the experience of the dancers around me. I have got so much happiness from dancing. Now it is your turn. I show you all what I learnt and give you the opportunity to learn in 1 month what I discovered in 10 years of fails and successes.

“​Happiness in dance is real when it comes from your inner inside and is contagious when shared.”

Mohamed AISSA​

Bachata influence


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Choice#1 Do nothing and suffer for your passiveness forever. It cost much more than this program. 

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Mohamed AISSA​

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