7 things you can say after a bachata dance



7 things you can say after a bachata dance

A bachata dance has a start, a β€œbody” and a closing. The dance experience is impacted by:

  • How do you invite.
  • How do you start the dance.

  • How is the dance is going during the whole song.
  • How do you enclose the dance when the music ends.

    How many people tend to neglect this phase and leave the bachata dance like if they were leaving a forest on fire? Maybe you have already been the victim or the origin of this embarrassing situation. Maybe you want to improve yourself. If yes, this article is made for you πŸ™‚ If you are already perfect, congratulations and leave your secrets in the comment box haha.In this article, I will suggest you 7 things to say after a bachata dance. In order to end your dance with a good feeling, energy and harmony.

The purpose is to enclose the dance with gratitude, fun and love.

Are you ready to act? Let’s go !

Dance bachata

Be sincerely thankful: “Thank you for the dance”

The base is to express a polite “Thank you” to your dance partner. I am not talking about a poor “thank you” you could say looking already around you hunting your next victim as a predator…

No, I mean a sincere “thank you” looking into the eyes of your partner. By a good “Merci” (sorry I am French haha). Like that, you deliver a positive energy and a feeling of gratitude.

You highlight a moment you have shared and you appreciate the benefit of dancing. Do not be fake, be sincerely thankful. And use what you have learnt in this article: SMILE !

Extend the bachata experience: “May I ask you for another dance?”

Boys and girls are allowed to suggest another dance. You can combine it with the previous suggestion: “Thank you very much for this dance, May I invite you for another dance?”.

This sentence can be used in 2 situations:

  • You had a 1st good dance and you want to renew the experience.

  • You had a bad dance and you want to offer a better dance experience to your partner.

By the way, it happened to me 3 days ago… That means”I completely messed up the dance and I want to correct it”.This sentence is powerful because you turn a dance into a “dance relationship”. Behind it, you generate a good feeling. “May i ask you for another dance” means “I Like you”, “I feel good with you”,

“I want to explore with you”. I wish you to experience 2…3…4 bachata dances in a row with your favorite partner next party and reinforce this feeling. Challenge accepted? πŸ™‚

Compliment sincerely: “You are a good dancer”

After a bachata dance, do not rush to your next partner or your favorite “Mojito” / “Cuba Libre”. Take time to be grateful and have recognition for the dance itself, the good moment you have spent. Stop thinking for once about yourself and compliment your partner. You can compliment the person or the dancer. Do you need some inspiration?

  • “You are a fantastic dancer”.

  • “I feel good when I am dancing with you“.

  • “You have done fantastic progress, continue I like it”.

  • “You are so sexy when you dance“.

  • We have danced like if nobody is watching us, thank you”.

  • “You have a good musicality“.

  • “Thank you for dancing with such a shiny smile“.

  • “Thank you for your trust“.

  • “You are a good leader/follower“.

  • “Thank you for being a cool dancer, it is pleasant to dance with you“.

  • “Thank you for this nice dance“.

This is your passport for making your partner feel good, confident. And do you know what? The impact of your words is tremendous: the person will remember your words and…you πŸ˜‰

Do you get the point? So from today, go to practice it not by accident but consciously ;).

Celebrate your dance: “Let’s go for a drink”?

Social dancing is …a social moment. You can enclose the dance with the suggestion to share a drink and talk with your partner. If you do not know the person, this is the occasion for a new social relationship. If you already know the person, this is the opportunity to reinforce it. In both cases, have a fun and an easy going talk. and after the drink, you can wish ” a good party time” or “see you soon for another dance”. Are you ready to explore the famous “D&D”, Β the “Dance & Drink” from today? Then tell me how do you feel it…

Combine Gratitude & Love: “Can I hug you?”

Do you want to be a special social dancer from today? So, provide a hug after every social bachata dance.

You can combine it with “Thank you for the dance” and offer a big hug to your dance partner. If you are a fantastic dancer it is good but only “half” of the way is done to get a significant dance experience. To get a fantastic bachata dance experience, you need to be also a “fantastic person“.

Do you need an inspiration how to hug your bachata partner after a dance? Here some techniques of hugging. Hug your partner with your Body, your soul and your spirit.

What are you waiting for? Go for it and train how to hug… πŸ˜‰

Ask for feedback: “How did you like the dance, what can I improve?”

Collecting feedbacks is important in your social dance journey. This is how you and the community are growing. After a dance, you can sometimes ask for a feedback. First, thank your partner for the dance and then ask for a comment. If your partner is asking you for a feedback, please focus first on what you like, appreciate in her/his dancing.

It will reinforce the confidence, motivation and faith of your partner. Honest feedback is needed: do not be “fake”. Do not be fake, it would not help your partner‘s journey. Are you ready to be the best bachata psychologist ever on the dancefloor from today? let’s goooo!!!

7-Optimize your step: “I would like to master a step, can we practice together in the corner?”

You have messed up a step? Or you simply want to practice the last step your teacher taught you? Then, you can enclose the dance in this way. Time to experience, optimize a bachata step with your partner. You can combine it with a good drink, and then with another dance to highlight your progress for example. What do you think about it? In the corner, you can train following the DJ’s music or not. And after that, you can decide to go to the DJ’s console and ask for a slow bachata music to make your practice more comfortable.

What do you think? πŸ˜‰

  • Your experience matters:

  • Do you have an opinion on what to say after a bachata dance? Is there a way I missed?

  • Please leave your thoughts in the comment and provide us your good practices πŸ˜‰




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