Who are Ataca & La Alemana?


Who are Ataca & La Alemana?

Ataca & La Alemana

Presentation: Ataca & La Alemana

Tanja “La Alemana” Kensinger:

Tanja began her dancing career in April 2005, and since then has made a name for herself in the Latin dance community. Together with his partner Jorge Burgos (Ataca Jorgie), they have become one of the most popular cups in the Bachata world. They have travelled to a large number of countries, and have been able to teach and also to produce many shows.
They have acquired a very high reputation thanks to the video “Te Extrano” from Xtreme. It had the effect of a hurricane for the Bachata world, with 97 million views on Youtube.

Tanja’s dance instruction comes from Ballet, Jazz and ballroom dancing. She masters the dance floor thanks to her high energy and smile that she constantly keeps.

Jorge “Ataca Jorgie” Burgos :

Jorge of Puerto Rican origin and naturally, dancing took a large part of his life. He started dancing as a professional in 2006, and has won the hearts of many dancers with his wonderful technique and style. With Tanja, he has also traveled around the world, teaching at numerous Bachata and Salsa festivals. They have also participated in the clips of many artists such as Toby Love, Prince Royce, Xtreme, Dominic Marte etc. Jorge is also known for his incredible pedagogy. He makes his students enjoy it during his classes, technical, and filled with good humour.

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Dance video: Ataca & La Alemana

Network: Ataca & La Alemana

Their Facebook page

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