ATREVETE Bachata Festival: zoom on a festival of bachata not like other!


Atrevete Bachata festival

Hey, this is Mohamed, founder of Bachata Influence, blog 100% Bachata : “How to dance Bachata and boost your Happiness in life!”.

What are you doing from the 6th of December to the 8th of December 2019? Are you in Europe or do you simply need an injection of great emotions?

What about join us to the very first edition of Atrevete Bachata festival and get happiness, dance technique & mindset with us?

I explain you everything here:


What is Atrevete Bachata Festival?


Get the next level of Bachata with International Artists.




    • Darío y Sara (Spain)


    • Airam y Vero (1st World Bachata Fusion) (Spain)

    • Igor y Rocío (3rd World Bachata Masters) (Spain)




    • Juan Soto & Clarita (UK)


    • Moreno y Sharon (Italy)


Have you already danced live? Live concert by Cosimo



They will make you dance the whole night.

DJ York (Germany)
DJ Manuel Citro (Italy)
DJ Balito (Hungary)
DJ Boricua (Italy)


They will capture the best live emotions.

  • Crazy Lion Productions (Sweden)
  • Laurens Salsalandis (Netherlands)
  • Piqant Photography (Slovenia)


What about the venue?

The entire festival (workshops, bootcamps, social dancing, parties) will take place at Baza, Center zdravega življenja (Pesarska cesta 12, Ljubljana). Although this is a sports centre, during the festival it will completely change its appearance to give you that special wow effect. Venue can receive up to 1000 dancers at the same time, so there is no need to worry about not having space to dance and enjoy.


Dress cannot make a dancer but it can create an unforgettable atmosphere: play the game with us.

Bachata Atrevete


The surprise of the congress? Relax and attend the seminar “How to be welcome in your dance community?

I will present this Seminar.



Saturday 7th of December 2019, 15h ! Come and get a deserve rest after a well deserved lunch, i take care of you!

Atrevete bachata

Your benefit?

A dance seminar is like a dance workshop. The difference is that it feeds your mind and not the technique.Success mindset for dancers is not accessible for everyone. Only those who desire to be a complete dancer from the beginning to the Master plateau of your journey.

10 years ago I had to fight against my shyness to be able to invite a lady for a dance even in workshop or have a public dance during a party. Years after years you know the dance better, the people better, you get success…more and more success until it causes a damage (ego). Few months ago, I realized how much it was important to clean my ego to be more welcome in my dance community. All of you have already experienced this reality in a period of your life: you feel you are not 100% welcome in your dance community, yes?

I have a good news for you: THIS IS TEACHABLE, you can LEARN IT, you can TRAIN to be more accepted in your dance community.

We need people to succeed, we need our dance community to grow. I cannot say that after this conference you will 100% succeed. But I can guarantee you 100% that if you have the wrong mind, you will fail. How can we go from a shy person or a person with a big ego to a person very welcome in his dance community?

Thanks to this exclusive seminar, discover:

>>> How do you lift up your dance community?
>>> 3 attitudes to get the respect of your community!
>>> 1 indispensable hack to get the admiration of your dance community !
>>> 1 secret to be welcome on any dancefloor in the world!
>>> 1 surprise…

Ladies and gentleman, welcome on board !







Why Bachata


Hey this is Mohamed. I help you to Dance Bachata & Be a Mindful Dancer. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. You are awesome by nature and i will help you to manifest it here... -Mohamed


Join 1200+ Bachata Lovers like YOU!


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