My (real) bachata story !


My (real) bachata story !



Some people are born dancers: I’m not.

My name is Mohamed, and a few years ago something changed my life forever…

Can you really learn Bachata from 0?

Can you enjoy Bachata even if you think you do not have “talent” for that?

Yes, I explain why it is possible…

Long time ago, I was an introverted person. Before my 25th birthday you wouldn’t have bet on me dancing. Nobody would have even bet on me teaching bachata to 20 different nationalities and more than 200 people in the past 5 years. I didn’t have any natural talent in all of this. I have developed all the skills step by step, starting from 0.

The good news is that you can learn dancing bachata – even if you don’t have it in your blood. Anyone can become a dancer.

You want to learn how to dance but you think you don’t have any talent for it?

You are wondering if you can lead with comfort (boys) or follow with shine (girls)?

At the same time, you are questioning yourself what it feels like to be part of that dance community where you meet new friends?

And that’s a good beginning for you.

You are already becoming a dancer…

The first step is the hardest…

And I know what I’m talking about …

I started with fear. I spent more time studying than having social time with my friends when I was a student. I had a wonderful family and good living conditions but I secretly expected more entertainment and social connections in my life. Your twenties should be the moment when you enjoy with people and experience great stories! But my shyness prevented me from approaching any girls… I had mental blocks and limiting beliefs.

One day, when I still was a student, I decided on a sudden impulse to attend a Latin dance class. I was thinking: “I’m scared but I have to do it anyway. I don’t have anything to lose so let’s give it a try”. I went there alone and I felt very intimidated. The teacher was friendly, so were the people! On the way back home still replaying the class in my mind and nicely laughing at my “1000” step mistakes. This try made me feel so good! I felt that my courage gave me a self-esteem injection. I had a feeling of inspiration watching the teacher in action, a feeling of being part of something new…

I continued to explore and took more regular classes. I enjoyed the process as much as the results. Collecting steps was necessary but not sufficient. Fails & successes taught me the dance spirit was also important. From that time I decided to learn from the best teachers and artists of the world. I decided to focus on connecting with my partner and the music, leading and providing emotions instead of dancing for the show and performing on the dancefloor. I became a dancer.

I became part of a wonderful local & international dance community. I have the respect and the admiration of my family and friends for that. People even asked me to teach so I became a teacher. Now I travel for dancing all around Europe, I have thousands of dancing friends! I have had more love from people and…self-love for myself since I have been dancing bachata. After 10 years of Bachata dancing experience, my passion is still here and my deep desire is to transfer it to the people around me – doing my best.

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Why Bachata


Hey this is Mohamed. I help you to Dance Bachata & Be a Mindful Dancer. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. You are awesome by nature and i will help you to manifest it here... -Mohamed


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