The Bachata dancer’s tools: material & spiritual ;)


The Bachata dancer’s tools: material & spiritual.


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The material tool are the tools that the bachata dance student can see and touch. The spiritual tool are the tools that the bachata dance student cannot see or touch with his physical body. These tools can only be felt and sensed though the consciousness.

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Here are the tools and the explanation for each one.

Material tools:
1. Body
2. Teacher
3. Dressing
4. Shoes
5. Music
6. Water

Spiritual tools:
1. Mind
2. Emotions
3. Intention
4. Attention
5. Spirit


1-The Bachata dancer’s tools: material

Explanation of the tools:

Body: the body is the vehicle that the spirit uses to express itself on the dance floor. It is important to care of it with a good diet, and good breathing exercices, to oxygenate it properly. Our body will respond back to us with the same love we treat it.

Teacher: the bachata teacher must be selected with care, for a few reasons. One reason is that we are dedicating a percentage of our finances to learn how to dance, and we want to make sure we are in good hands. Others reasons are time that we do not really want to waste, and the style.

Dressing: we all want to look good in front of other people, but it is also important that the body has comfort and freedom of movement, and the dressing should provide just that.

Shoes: In bachata dance you find your body moving constantly and turning in many directions and sometimes very fast. Which means that your shoes must be comfortable and adjust to your feeds to avoid any problem that can dilate your learning.

Music: music is very important because music wakes up our spirit and puts us to dance. Music makes us feel emotions It has te power to enter the unconscious mind and bring out memorie of the past. It is very important dancing to the music we like, to enjoy the experience.

Water: during any physical activity, or body loses water when sweating, dancing bachata will make you sweat and will be good for your body to recover this water, try keeping a bottle of water with you in classes and in the latin clubs to keep your body in balance.

2- The Bachata dancer’s tools: spiritual.


Now the spirital tools explained:

Mind: it is important for the bachata dancer to use te mind with care. We become what we think about ourselves regularly. If you want to dance bachata, you must think positive. Bachata is positive and very energetic dance. keeping the right attitude and the right use of the mind will give you a very powerful positive feeling of self confidence, and you will accelerate your learning progress in a very happy state.

Emotions: after your mind produces a thought you will have a feeling about that thought and this feeling will bring out an emotion. Most of the time you will not listen and follow your emotions. love, fun, amusement, inspiration, pride, desire… Listen to them and dance happily.

Intention: your intention is your final goal. It is your treasure waiting to be collected.Once you have decided you want to become a bachata dancer, you must keep focusing in that intention. That intention is your point of reference and to that point you are walking in each bachata class, in each move learned, every time you think that you are not going toward your goal or you feel that your energies are getting to be weak it could be possible that your intention has been abandoned. Or you are simply not dedicating enough time to your intention. Remember that everything we dedicate time and effort will grow strong and everything that we do not dedicate time and effort to, will simply dissipate. It is a law.

Attention: while your intention is to focus on what you want (to become a bachata dancer), your attention must be focused on what you are becoming. Pay attention to each move that you are learning in the class, each step and each holding of hands. Your intention depends of your attention in each moment of your journey. You must keep focusing.

Spirit: your spirit is nothing else that the real dancer: yourself. Your spirit will be looking for happiness, balance, harmony and life in this musi and dance. it will search for being happy, freee on the dance floor, experiencing the reality of the dance moment. Do not be distracted and feel your spirit, list to it and it will guide you to an authentic bachat dance experience.

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