The Emotions of The Bachata Dancer


The Emotions of The Bachata Dancer

Bachata and emotion are connected yes? You need to listen to your emotions on the dancefloor and when you dance bachata. They are energy in motion. E= Energy, Motion = Movement. You dance to get an experience, to get a feeling with your dance partner. You can be free from your emotions or a prisoner. Here an article to present the emotions in bachata and how you can control them to have a good flow of energy.


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Negative emotions and positive emotions in Bachata

Positive emotion in bachata

Emotions can be manifested in two ways. Negative emotions and positive emotions. Negative emotions arise from negative thinking, and positive emotions arise from positive thinking. In term of energy, positive emotions are the harmonious illuminated side in each of us. It is the light side, the side that once we are in we experience happiness, joy, love, health, purpose and all the highest vibrations that come from the spirit which is the force behind these positive emotions.

Negative emotion in bachata

On the other side, we have the negative emotions, which are the dark side of ourselves, the ego. The side that does not have light of its own, and once we get into this dark side mentally we do not see with clarity what is really going on outside us physically. Negative emotions blind us completely, and does not let us grow in our lives if we do not listen to them and correct our actions. In this dark side, we experience many negative emotions like frustration, anger, fear, disappointment and more. It’s like if your mind gets into complete darkness and as a consequence everything outside us gets completely dark. We start losing balance. We do not really want to move forward until we turn on the light.

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Emotions & Bachata Learner

Emotions in learning bachata

Many time I have seen bachata students get very emotional because they find difficulty learning some bachata steps or some difficult body movements. In other cases, some students feel very frustrated because they are not learning fast enough or some are not happy with the style they are learning after seeing other styles that they find more interesting and fun. Emotions rise from feelings, feelings rise from thoughts, thoughts are a product of the mind. It is what the mind does and can produce conscious or unconscious, which means that we do have the capacity to dominate or control them if we are aware of them in any moment.


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Reactive emotions in bachata

For instance: my bachata teacher said something to me to correct my moves in front of the rest of the students, and I do not like it, immediately my mind produced the following thoughts:

-How embarrassing!

-I will not carry on here !

-People may think I am….!

-This teacher is not good!

These negative thoughts which are the beginning of the reactive emotions can be replaced consciously by us, by our mind. We just have to desire to do it and that mental action. This is something not easy to do, because that means that we have to be aware of theses thoughts when they arrive and automatically use the positives ones to take us to different positive emotional-mental state like turning on the light in the dark room. That mental action in return will make us feel better and as a result we will get the guidance the meaning and the purpose of what is happening outside us and learn the message to grow inside.

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How to control your emotions in your Bachata dance experience?

The bad scenario

Negative thoughts

-How embarrassing!

-I will not carry on here !

-People may think I am….!

-This teacher is not good!

The right scenario

Replaced by positive thoughts:

-He/she cares about my progress. What he/she is trying to tell me?

-I will come here again.

-Others learn with mistakes-I learn from their mistakes also.

-This teacher is very good.

This does not mean that you have to let people treat you badly, we all know when someone is not behaving correctly, but, certainly, negative emotions are never the permanent solutions to our dance experiences.

Your positive emotions are an indicator that you are going on the right direction toward your destination. Your negative emotions are an indicator that you are going backward in the opposite side, going far from where you are supposed to be. Pay attention to them and put yourself in the right direction.

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Your actions on your emotions in bachata:

-I will pay attention to whatever I am thinking before I react or take any action, aware that my thoughts are the beginning of my emotions.

I will listen to my emotions.

I will keep a positive attitude at all time during my bachata classes and learning process.

Feel free to have different emotions by learning these different types of bachata

And you? What do you think about connecting emotions in dance?





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