100 Bachata festivals in 2020: your fun & inspiration all around the world.


“A bachata festival is like a family reunion: a reunion of bachata lovers who are like you” –Bachata festival 2020 .

The season has started. Now you are ready to plan your Bachata congress for 2020. Whatever your level, your location, your circumstances and your finances a bachata congress is now very accessible and affordable.

A small investment for a maxi benefit, what do you think?

A bachata congress is the best way to get:

  • Inspiration.
  • Fun.
  • Travel.
  • Amusement.
  • Intense workshops.
  • Comfortable venue to relax.
  • Meet the best dancers, Dj’s, artists in the world.
  • Exploration: new ways of dancing, new cities, new amazing people and “YOU” in evolution…

Therefore, I have made for you an exclusive list of good bachata plans, congresses, and festivals. The list is great and you should get some fantastic inspiration. What are you waiting for to prepare your luggage, destination “Bachata,”… ? 😉

The game is easy, you have a selection per month and you just need to click on the Bachata festival name to open the event and get more fantastic info and motivation. Alright? Let’s go… 😉

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Bachata Festival 2020


Bachata in August 2020:

New Orleans Salsa Bachata festival 2020 , USA 7/9

Bachata in September 2020:

Busan Salsa Bachata Festival 11/13

Bachata king Festival, Greece 16

Bachata in October 2020:

Australian Bachata Championship 02

New Jersey bachata Festival USA 08/10

Bachata Connection Cologne, DE 09/11

Crazy Lion Bachata Kiz Sweden 16/18

Bachata All Stars Melbourne, Australia 16

All Stars Budapest 23/25

Bachata in November 2020:

Tijuana Salsa Bachata Festival Mexico 06/08

Adam Bachata Festival Amsterdam NL, 06/08

Bachata in December 2020

A lot of Bachata Xmas parties haha…..

 Europe, USA, Islands, exotic or romantic cities all over the world, cruises, special events for women, traditional or sensual bachata experiences…What do you think about this selection? Which Bachata Festival is attracting you? Do you know some other good bachata plans for 2020? Leave it in the comment section and keep this article close too you, you will grow as a dancer & a person in 2020. Let’s go!








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