BACHATA & FITNESS : Your new explosive dance morning.πŸ™


BACHATA & FITNESS Your explosive dance morningπŸ’ͺ

When you incorporate gratitude into your morning routine by incorporating what you love: dancing, you see the magical benefits throughout the day. Every morning is filled with opportunities to feel good.

The habit of starting the day in gratitude has added value, because it is during the daily routines that you can cause yourself the greatest harm by unconsciously maintaining negative thoughts. There is no room for negative thoughts in your mind when trying to find an object of gratitude. After completing this exercise, you will start the day feeling happier and convinced that it will be beautiful.

When you wake up, before you even move or act, say the magic word Thank you. Say thank you because you are alive, and another day of dancing is given to you. Your dance life is a gift and every day is a gift, and if you think about it, it is inconceivable that any of us would see a new morning without saying thank you for having the opportunity to have one more day to dance.

Every day, without exception, I say thank you as soon as I put one foot on the ground, and this before I even stand up… My two feet barely touched the ground for the first time today that I have already said the magic word thank you.

Today, follow the program of the morning miracle dance routine:

Preparation for the survey:

– Get up 1 hour early this morning.

– Take a shower, brush your teeth and have a glass of water.

– Put on your sports clothes.

Meditation: 5 minutes

– Sit on a cushion, crossed legs, stand up straight, think of nothing. For 3 seconds breathe deeply, for 3 seconds stop breathing, for 3 seconds exhale. Do the exercise for 5 minutes in chrono. To nurture gratitude you can say “Thank you for the dancer that I am” or “Thank you to my dance community for bringing me so many good experiences” when you breathe and “I give love to the dancer that I am” or “I give love to my dance community” when you expire. At the end of the exercise say thank you for the love received by my dance community and for the love I give them.

Affirmation: 5min

– “I love the dancer I am now and at the same time, I deserve to become the dancer of my dreams. Post this sentence on your wall or smartphone and read it aloud 21 times in a row. Feel as much gratitude as possible for the dancer you are right now “T”.

Viewing: 5min

– Put on a music you love right now. Put yourself in a meditative position and close your eyes. Music plays and you imagine yourself as the dancer of your dreams to this music. Anything is possible for you. Imagine the dancer of your dreams with creativity, feeling and joy. Say the magic word Thank you at the end of the music to celebrate the dancer you have imagined and who is inside you. You could also meditate on the “I know where I am and I know where I want to go in my dance journey”.

Inspiration: 5min

– Choose a dance video that you love right now or that inspires you the most. And look at her. Thank the dancer(s) you see in the video and say the magic word “Thank you for this magic inspiration”.

Physical exercise: 5min-

– Now, put on a music you love and take up dancing steps in front of your mirror. Have fun, feel your good mood, your good health and vitality and say thank you for the gift of health that allows you to dance. Try it and you will feel a moment of freedom, a moment of your own and your own well-being. You could do like me and take my headphones and jog for 30 minutes with a selection of my favorite music.

Memorization exercise: “Remember your last step” 5 min:

– Watch the video of your very last dance step that your teacher taught you. Analyze the dance combination and try to understand the technique and try to achieve it successfully. Mentally imagine the pass and then realize it by standing up and playing music. And say the magic word and thank the teacher for this ideal step and for your powerful brain that allows you to learn the dance.

Once the dance routine is done, I am ready to start the day, I feel so happy that I could jump for joy. And when I feel so happy, I know that the gratitude expressed has paid off and that my day will be beautiful. And throughout the day, I really feel that joy and vitality accompany me, because good things happen one after the other. And each time, I feel even more gratitude, which accelerates the manifestation of even more good things. Have you ever lived through those days when everything seems to be going perfectly well? Well, that’s what happens after we do this morning exercise, but much better!





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