Dance as if it were your last dance.β€¦πŸ™


Dance as if it were your last danceπŸ™

“A hundred times a day, I tell myself again that my inner and outer life depends on the work of other men, living and dead, and that I must strive to give as much as I have received and still receive.

Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winner in Physics.

With these words, Einstein gave us a gift of equal value to his scientific discoveries. He gave us one of the magic secrets of his success. Feel gratitude every day!

Today, like Einstein, you will say thank you a hundred times, taking a hundred magical steps. You may find it incredible that walking can make a difference in your life, but you will find that it is one of the most powerful things you can do.

To take magical steps, say thank you every time one of your feet touches the ground. One foot, thank you, and the other foot, too. And repeat this word thank you for every step you take. Repeat this exercise before going to a Latin evening, an “open class”, your dance class, your training with your partner, a festival, a live concert etc…

You can take magical steps before an event that is important to you.

I take magical steps before going in the evening to mix, by going to take the plane that takes me to my favorite dance festival or a new destination of dance pleasure. Either every time I walk down the street, or walk to a dance venue somewhere, I set my destination and put gratitude in every step until I arrive.

If you notice how you feel before you start, then you will notice a big difference after these steps. And even if you cannot feel immense gratitude through this exercise, I promise you will feel happier afterwards. If you are depressed, the magic steps before a dance event will cheer you up. And if you feel very well, they will make you euphoric!

To maximize their effectiveness, take these steps for ninety seconds: this is the average time required to perform a hundred steps without hurrying. This exercise does not consist of making exactly a hundred paces, but at least a hundred, which is the probable amount that will allow you to notice a difference in your state of mind. Once you have determined the distance you need to walk to make these hundred steps of gratitude, you can do them anywhere.

When you have finished today’s exercise, you will have said the magic word a hundred times thank you! When in your life have you ever said thank you a hundred times in one day?

Einstein did it every day! Be the Einstein of your dance community!

I began to use the magical power of gratitude to let myself be surprised and to secretly fulfill a large number of personal desires. And it worked. But it was only when I felt gratitude for the true gifts of life that I fully realized the power of gratitude. Especially after my fracture period that gave me a slap. I am here to tell you not to wait for adversity to consider the chance to get up, walk and dance. The more I was grateful for the gift of my health, my body, my mind, my hands, my sight, my touch, the musical notes, even a basic dance step, the more successes in dance and in dance projects were offered to me.

Now I understand why. When we come to feel a sincere gratitude for the precious gifts of life and nature, such as stepping on the dance floor, we reach one of the deepest levels of recognition. And anyone who can experience such gratitude will receive absolute abundance in their journey and life as a dancer.


Action of the day : Dance as if it were your last dance!


  1. As soon as you wake up, make a list of 3 benefits you enjoy in your dancing career and for which you feel gratitude. Write down why you are grateful. Read this list again, mentally or aloud. At the end of each statement, say the magic word three times: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and experience with as much intensity as possible the gratitude that your good fortune inspires you.


  1. At your next dance party, dance each dance as if it were your last.


  1. To reinforce this sense of gratitude, you can imagine, represent, feel this last dance as you would like it to be. Say the magic word “Thank you” for this last dance and imagine everything you want. The following question may help you: “If this was your last dance and anything was possible, what would be the dance experience you would like to have? Β».


  1. Tonight, before you go to bed, hold this magic stone in your hand and think about the best thing that happened today in relation to your experience as a dancer, a dancer, a musical thing or your dance community.





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