Magic dancers make a difference in your dance story๐Ÿ™


Magic dancers make a difference in your dance story๐Ÿ™

“At certain times in our lives, our own light is extinguished and rekindled by the spark of another person. Each of us has reason to feel a deep gratitude for those who have rekindled the flame in us” A. Schweitzer Nobel Peace Prize winner.

We have all received love, help, support or advice from various dancers at specific times in our dance lives when we needed it. Sometimes a dancer changes the course of our journey, our dance experience by encouraging us, advising us or simply being there at the right time. And then, as the days go by, we tend to forget those occasions when another person has touched us or transformed our lives as dancers. And sometimes we only grasp much later the impact of a person in our lives as dancers.

It is often with hindsight that we understand that a teacher, a partner in particular, has played an essential role in transforming the course of our lives, as if by magic and for the better.

This person may have been a person you didn’t know, the magical moment of dance may have lasted only one evening, only one dance. But it remains engraved in you in your dance heritage.

My first dance teacher Jorge from Cuba could be one of his people. He introduced me to Bachata. It all started with him. The first bachata song I loved and which since then has remained my favorite sound even now, comes from him. And I can never thank him enough. He made a difference in my life as a dancer and as a man.

Today, you will think about the magical people who have had an impact on your life. Find a quiet place where you will be alone, sit down and think of three extraordinary people who have made a difference in your journey as a dancer, a dancer. Then address each of them aloud, as if they were present, and say why you are grateful to them and how they have changed the course of your dancing life.

Be sure to do this magical exercise in one session, as your sense of gratitude will be much deeper. Indeed, by splitting it up, your recognition will not have the same intensity and you will not inherit the same benefits.

It is very important to specify the reasons why you are grateful to him. And you can never say too much. Indeed, the more you express gratitude, the more intensely you feel it, the more extraordinary the results will be. Among the most powerful acts of gratitude you cannot accomplish is this process.

If something prevents you from expressing yourself aloud, then write down what you would say to each dancer and act as if you were writing a letter to them.

When you have completed this exercise, you will notice a huge difference in your state of mind. The first manifestation of the power of gratitude is that you will feel happy first and foremost: Then, this same power will attract wonderful things. And as if that wasn’t enough, the happiness you will experience after showing gratitude will attract even more wonderful things, making you even happier in your dance experience. It’s the magic of a wonderful dance story, it’s the magic of the word thank you!



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