Bachata & Spirituality : Simply appreciate…🙏


Bachata & Spirituality: Simply appreciate 🙏

Your future as a dancer is fantastic. Integrating gratitude into your dance experience is now a reflex for you. You are the architect of your happiness in your dance experience. And gratitude is the tool that allows you to build a wonderful dance experience. You have now built the foundation with magical exercises and, with the tool of gratitude, you can add more floors to the building of your happiness.

Talking about gratitude is pleasant and courteous. To act with gratitude is generous and noble. May live in gratitude is to touch heaven. Johannes A. Gaertner, Professor, Theologian and Poet.

From now on, the best way forward is to maintain the foundation of the gratitude you have built and develop it by working on the depth of your sense of gratitude. The more gratitude you feel, the more intensely you will be able to feel it. And the deeper you feel, the less time you should spend on it. Here are some recommendations.

Every day, be grateful for a dance situation, a dancer or yourself. Find three reasons why you feel grateful.



Your magic stone of gratitude:

You can integrate the magic stone process by keeping your gratitude stone on your bedside table or as I do, you can take it with you everywhere in your dance experiences. She will remind you every night to feel grateful for the best thing that happened to you in your last dance experience. You can keep it in your pocket and, every time you touch it, take the opportunity to think of something that inspires gratitude.

Your magic powder:

You can also easily integrate the magic powder process into your future as a dancer. In addition to sprinkling magic powder on the dancers in your community, you can use this process for anything: a dance event or situation that is close to your heart, a disgruntled dancer, a disgruntled dancer, a critic, a critic, a complainer, or a dancer who crosses your path and needs your magic. You can also sprinkle magic powder on your computer, your mobile phone, your dancing shoes, the bus or train driver who takes you to the long-awaited festival.

the applications of magic powder are as numerous as your imagination allows!

Magic has no end:

I feel gratitude every day of my dancing life, and it is now inconceivable to me that I could dance for days, months, years without doing it in any way. Gratitude is now an integral part of my personality. She lives in my cells and my subconscious.

Since I had my ankle fracture that left me at rest for 6 months, I realized that the joy of dancing is no longer the dance itself but what life gives us to dance and enjoy unforgettable social experiences.

But if we let ourselves be carried away by the whirlwind of life and forget to show gratitude, happiness will evaporate after a while. Gratitude is a revealing factor. It tells me whether I am sufficiently aware of the benefits I am enjoying, or whether I should be more grateful. I look carefully at my appreciation if I see that my dancing experiences do not bring me the happiness I should know. In this case, I am intensifying my gratitude.

If some small problems arise in a particular dance field, I immediately do the exercises that help me to feel more gratitude in that field. If necessary, I do the 28-day challenge again and I give myself an injection of happiness that benefits my dance community.

In times of adversity, I seek kindness in any situation and I feel grateful to it, because I know it exists.

By practicing gratitude in my dance experience, I began to express my gratitude for the little things, and the more I was grateful for the ordinary little things, the more abundance entered my dance experience. If an ordinary thing becomes a source of recognition and appreciation in my dance universe, then my dance experience becomes extraordinary. If adversity comes and things don’t go as planned when I dance, teach, play music in the evening, give a lecture on dance or write a blog article, I enter an even stronger dimension if I feel gratitude but in what is called a “storm” period.

It is the next level: the gratitude chosen even in times of adversity that makes you, the dancer, a happy dancer in any situation.

Gratitude is the solution:

Gratitude is the remedy for relationships that have broken down or become difficult in your dance environment. Gratitude eliminates fear, worry, grief and depression, and brings happiness, transparency, patience, kindness, compassion, understanding and inner peace to the dancer. Gratitude brings solutions to problems, as well as opportunities and ways to make your dance dreams come true.

If gratitude became a mandatory subject in dance schools, we would see a generation of dancers grow up who would advance our community through extraordinary achievements and discoveries by erasing depression and replacing it with happiness.

Bring happiness with you in all your dance experiences. Before, during, after. Orally or mentally, you will never be too grateful for all the extraordinary things a dancer deserves to have in abundance: joy, smile, well-being, vitality.

Say the magic word thank you. Say it out loud, shout it from the rooftops, whisper it for yourself, say it mentally or feel it in your heart, but wherever you go today, bring gratitude and its magical power.

Mohamed Aissa



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