Bachata dancing is no for you if… 🥵 (Bachata Untold 2)


BACHATA IS NOT FOR YOU IF… 🥵 (Bachata Untold 2-3)

Can I ask you the permission to talk with no filter about what i see about bachata ? Thank you.

I’m very angry.

When I see all these dancers
who were full of dreams and ambitions…
Giving up one by one…
Deciding to undergo a passive, mediocre and meaningless dance journey…

Seriously, it has to change.

You must know some of them…
You know, these dancers who have lost happiness in dance.
You can see the deep emptiness in their eyes.

They dance with sadness,
With a sad and resentful face,
With his back arched,
With unfulfilled desire,

They can no longer smile
Since they have lost the “why” they are dancing
Since they do not have any vision of the dancer, the dance and social relationship they want to obtain.
They barely leave their movie or series to go to the workshop or dance class,

Then go to dance and see how the people dislike dancing with them
Because people avoid sad dancers and unsuccessful dancers.

They suffer every second of their dance journey in silence, and hold on while escaping into virtual hopes…

Set goals?
They’ve already given it up.
In their reality,
There is no way out of this inner hell they have themselves created.
They finally accepted that this was their dance routine, the dance life they deserved…

Only their only option,
was to keep taking punches and moving forward by squeezing their teeth.

Their bodies are alive and ready to dance…
But their dance souls are already dead.
They’re nothing but zombies now.

Remember when you started dancing?
Everything seemed possible to you.
Maybe you wanted to become a dancer, a happy dancer, a successful dancer, a person the community loves…
I wanted to be a good beginner dancer, I admit it’s less sexy but why not:-)
For a dancer with the right dance spirit, there is no limit.

But it is not offered to anyone…
-Social pressure,
-Social networks,
-The “youtube generation”

A part of our dance community…

… taught us to limit our ambitions.

“It’s easy to dance bachata !! »
“It’s too difficult, you’ll never make it so go back to your previous activities you were good… »
“Stop dreaming! Come back to Earth for two minutes! »
“You know in dance you do what you can, not what you want… »

They stuffed our heads with this nonsense…

We were led to believe that learning dancing, was easy…

Only the technique counted….

The relationship in the community was not important, if you have the technique in dance you have everything,

Nothing else,
and consider yourself happy.

Then, you realize…

-You know 50 steps but does not smile dancing…
-You know 50 steps but you even do not look at your partners…
-You know 50 steps but don’t know where you are going next…
-You know 50 steps but you do not pass the qualification in an amateur social competition…
-You know 50 steps and you are rejected by your dance community…

When you didn’t even make 5% of our dreams come true.

But under these circumstances…

We’re starting to think it’s better to let it go.

You give up with regrets…

“If I knew, I would have been doing things differently…”

Game over !

That’s how the dance makes zombies.

This is how so many dancers end up suffering a life in which they don’t feel like they belong…

Realizing that they are ruining their dance dreams, the most beautiful gift they have ever received from the Universe.

But you, you can choose another way.

If you’re still here reading me…

It’s probably because there’s this little voice
deep inside you whispering to you…

“I want more”
“I want an extraordinary dance life”
“I want to live it on my own terms”
“With no social mask anymore”.

In this case….

You’ve come to the right place.

Every day in the messages of happiness and success in dance…

I help you start building a “bachat’heroes” ’s mind.

I will show you how to improve your dance journey at all levels.

I’m going to present you with proven strategies that give you BIG results.

So that you too may one day live the free and fulfilled dance life you deserve.

So stay connected !



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