4 indispensables hacks for a beginner in Bachata


 “Beginner, dance,fail, try again & fail better”

As every new discipline and dance, bachata requires to start before getting all the precious benefits it brings you. To begin as a beginner is never easy. Have you ever felt in front of a huge mountain saying “I am not gonna make it, I cannot climb it, this is above my potential”? Yes, all of us. I personally understand you because I was a beginner too.
In this article, you are going to discover the most frequent 4 successful habits a beginner can use when he starts the long educational process.

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Beginner bachata

Beginner: You won’t look stupid

Moving your body in front of other people, especially when you lack confidence, can be terrifying for a beginner, bringing out some of our worst insecurities. We think that our awkwardness and lack of rhythm will make us look stupid. But it’s more likely that you won’t be the only one and that you’ll find other beginner just like you.

What many people don’t realize at first is that most classes are split into various levels, including for absolute beginner who have never danced before in their lives. A friend of mine refused to join me at a beginner’s bachata class saying that she had “two left feet”.

Eventually, I convinced her to do the first half an hour and that if she hated it, she could leave. She ended up staying for the entire class and loved it. If you can put one foot in front of the other, then you can learn how to dance as a beginner.

Beginner: BE, DO, HAVE method.

What most people do when they want to start Bachata to be good beginner dancer and get more happiness in their lives is to rush to a dance school and attend all courses. This lasts for few weeks or months and then they stop attending classes because they think they already know how to dance bachata. Then they realize they are worse and worse beginner dancer due to a lack of practice and learning in classes. It is not the courses that counts. It is who you have to be to be the desired dancer you want to be in your bachata journey that counts.

First, adopt the attitude, mindset, beliefs of a good beginner bachata dancer.

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“A lousy dancer with expensive dance shoes is still a lousy dancer.”

Take actions :

Identify your motivations: why do you want to dance bachata? Why do you want to be a good bachata dancer? What do you want to desire from bachata? Which need do you want to satisfy in your life by dancing bachata? If you question yourself, you know from the beginning why you dance bachata and it makes sense to start and experience the journey. Write your top 3 motivations and post it in your room and read it every day.

Accept the challenge and measure the efforts to do too. Not everyone is ready to be a good and successful beginner dancer. Because t imagine to be a good dancer reveals what you need to do to achieve it. Which can be scary at the beginning because it will call your laziness and your fears facing this unknown situation and challenge. To be ready to be a good bachata dancer means you accept the long path you need to follow. You maintain a long term vision and plan. You accept a delayed gratification.

“A bachata dancer who has a loser mentality will always lose no matter what he does”

Beginner: Dance, dance, dance!

“The more you dance, the more you become a bachata dancer”.

Remember that anything important cannot really be learned in the classroom. It must be learned by taking action, making mistakes, and then correcting them. Practice please or don’t dance !


Keep your confidence up, know you can do it for sure.

Learn to get the technique. Practice to mature your steps and style. Then, you will get happiness and confidence. When you have free time, practice, just anywhere, at anytime even 5 min. Good technique and style is what separate beginner bachata dancers with good bachata dancers. Learn new moves but strive to perfect the skills of each steps.

This is a combination of muscle and brain memory not being adequately activated. Learning new dance moves requires more effort than repeating known ones, and the same for new dance routines. The only way around this is practice; constant, repeated practice until the dance moves or routine becomes like second nature to you. If you do practice a lot and still find it hard, you may have a problem with memory, coordination or the ability to follow instructions; talk to your dance teacher about it.

Show off your moves to a friend or family member, as this may help you feel more confident. Be a proactive beginner in bachata.

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“Patience is an art”.

For all of this to happen, of course, you need patience. I’ve seen some people show up to their first beginner’s class and get frustrated after half an hour that they can’t follow the most basic steps. But that’s not how it works. Learning new steps is a reward that comes from patience and practice. Nobody can become a dance star overnight. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, persevere through your mistakes, stay positive and enjoy it, then you will be able to dance.

Most of us have heard that people who write their goals are more likely to achieve them. Be satisfied with small steps because each moves drive you closer to your big goals and dreams.
Your Bachata journey is a life journey. Practice to design your style and dance personality. You can see big and in one time always start with baby steps as a beginner. What is a baby step? Easy enough to make you confident and big enough to develop your skills. I have seen too many people trying sensual bachata before mastering the basic steps, the basic rhythm and the rules about musicality.

To be a good beginner bachata dancer is not measured by the number of steps you know but by the number of months, years you practice and master the steps and the direction you are following.

And step by step find your style of bachata.

“Learn, practice, be consistent.”

Control your fears and after you take baby steps for 6 months to a year, you are ready to move forward and explore.

Your Thoughts
Did we miss anything on our list? What observations can you make about advanced dancers? Leave your thoughts in the comments.




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