How can I enjoy my bachata as much of others while being only a beginner ?


How can I enjoy my bachata as much of others while being only a beginner ?

How to enjoy as a beginner dancer in bachata? Good question! Because there are many beginners, who do not know what to do, how to behave, being beginners in bachata. And they sometimes think that happiness is for the good dancers.And unhappiness are for the beginners. But you can he happy from the first second you decide to embrace your dance journey. I have a method to help everybody in this situation.

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A beginner dancer in bachata is a dancer like all

The first answer is that I do not consider you as a beginner, I consider you only as a dancer. This means that when you guys, you girls think that you are only beginners, you are already wrong. Make it right and say to yourselves, post in your room, in your kitchen, in your car or wherever: โ€œI am a dancer, and I am proud of the dancer I amโ€. Just have it, keep it, read it every day. This will change your subconscious. Dear Allan, you are not a beginner, you are a dancer and the dance community respects you as such. They do not know when they see you for the first time whether you are beginning, experienced, or a teacher. You are a man and you are dancing bachata. Period.

A beginner dancer must have appreciation for himself

My second orientation for beginners is to have appreciation for yourselves. I know it is hard to be a beginner, I know you are frustrated โ€“ because you are not the dancer you want to be, because you compare with other dancers around, because you cannot do this or other step, you cannot dance sensual, dance Dominican, you miss musicality, you mess up at every second minute. For this, please have gratitude. If you appreciate the dancer you are when start dancing, you will enjoy more. The first action I advise to every beginner is to take a piece of paper and after every dance experience (class, practice, party) and write the 3 things you liked the most during the evening. It can be the music, a couple you observed, the drink, a compliment you gotโ€ฆ Just write 3 things connected with your dance journey. Collect these experiences, and you will see that you are happier and enjoy more, you will realize how rich is the experiences you are living through. You are not just a beginner, you are a happy dancer.

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Embrace your bachata dance journey

The third orientation I have for you is to embrace your journey. Some beginners pressure themselves by thinking that they want to be a dream dancer, dancer like this or that other person, perform on stages, to be like the youtube dancers they see. Please guys and girls, embrace your journey, do not be goal oriented. You can have a vision of the dancer you want to be in a few years, this is good, you should visualize and detail it. However, never put yourself under pressure for results when you go to dance or to class.

Please to not run the process to fast and respect the levels of bachata

An easy tip to develop your self-confidence

Fourth orientation is to develop your self-confidence. This will develop if you progress, which will come by having discipline in learning. Classes, practices and experience (at the parties). If you like challenges, challenge yourself and it will increase your self-confidence as well. You will enjoy if you progress. This is in the human nature, development is important.

Celebrate your micro wins in bachata

Fifth: celebrate your micro-wins and also celebrate your fails. Am I being crazy? No, I really mean it, because the most important thing is gratitude. Please do celebrate everything: successful steps, compliments, and also bad words and looks.

Dance bachata, dance more bachata, do not stop dancing bachata

My last orientation for you will be to enjoy your dance as a beginner. My strong recommendation is to dance! Dance to level-up dance enjoy more, dance to have more friends, dance for confidence,ย  dance for new opportunities. Bachata is a shortcut to happiness and this is open to beginners, intermediates and advanced dancers. Let me repeat to you what Korke, the founder of sensual bachata, declared last year: that he goes back to beginner lessons, to relearn basics and be in the shoes of beginners. If Korke says it, it means that there is a priceless value to being a beginner, being at a start of your dance journey. If I were in your shoes, I would be so proud of being a beginner and embrace a new adventure. Actually, I believe that I am a beginner for ever.

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