ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide to Learning Bachata in 2020- Your 7 Step Guide


ULTIMATE Beginner’s Guide to Learning Bachata in 2020 –

Your 7 Step Guide

Learning Bachata in 2020 is the tittle of this value i give you today. You want to learn bachata but you do not know how to start learning bachata? Being a beginner in dance is not easy. So i created a roadmap and a method a follower or leader starting learning bachata in 2020 can follow. This is the way i am using. It will create results and a long term dance journey. Read Learning Bachata in 2020 all and apply a stage today! Ps: this is an extract of my fantastic oral conference “how to be a good bachata dancer in 7 phases”. Enjoy…

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Learn Bachata 2020

I know everything I will mention you today is not new at all,google and youtube know certainly more about the concept of DANCE, BACHATA, HAPPINESS. So why I am here in front of you today? Because I am convinced that after this conference you won’t be the same dancer. This idea is pretty amazing and exciting.

Why do you dance? Have you ever asked to yourself this question: why do you dance? Why do you take your dance mood, shoes, dress once, 2 times, 3 times a week? Why do you dance?

You dance to get happiness! Ok, and what is happiness? Even for the powerful Google, it is a challenge to define what is happiness. SO, I am able to help you. After years of searching and surveys, the scientists have defined clearly and simply what is the concept of happiness. There is an universal compromise, happiness is the experience of positive emotions. You dance to get positive emotions.

Barbara Friedrickson, researcher at the university of North Carolina, is one of the world’s leading expert on the subject and describes you the 10 most common positive emotions:

  • Joy
  • Gratitude
  • Serenity
  • Interest
  • Hope
  • Pride
  • Amusement
  • Inspiration
  • Admiration
  • Love

We dance to get these 10 positive emotions.

Dancing is an happiness factory and I can help you to boost your dance and happiness.

My name is Mohamed Aissa, I am 34 years old, born in south of France. My dance story in 1min? I love football and I am originally a shy and reserved person. Dancing was not part of my capacities, aspiration or vocabulary. One day I tried salsa, bachata, zouk and kizomba. After 8 years of bachata exploration, fails and successes, my bachata journey has taught me 1 thing: you are not born to be a dancer but you can become a dancer.

I am now the founder of Bachata Influence. Bachata Influence is a space for real guidance, helps you to know how to dance bachata and boost your happiness in your life. The goal is not to be the best dancer, the goal is to be an happy dancer. A dancer with the right technique, the right mentality and the right mind.

Successful bachata dancers follow some easy tips, processes and a clear strategy of development. Today, I am going to show you a way “How to be a good bachata dancer”;

What does it take to be a good bachata dancer?

My answer is: it takes a dream, a lot of determination, a capacity to learn.



We focus on what we are as a human or dancer and we do not focus enough on which dancer we want to be . If you dream, imagine, visualize the dancer you want to become, you have more chance to become this dancer. Imagine yourself as a brilliant dancer.

At the beginning, you suffer because you start from 0. When I started, I felt like a robot, a stone. This is totally normal and you should take this period with smile and laughing at it !

To imagine yourself as a brilliant dancer, you need to search first for some brilliant inspiration. You need to see and watch excellent dancer in actions. I have 3 tips for you

  • Go to attend a local latin party in your town and observe. Identify the dancers who inspire you the most. Discuss with them about their background and ask for advices and tips.
  • See local but think global and be extend your curiosity beyond your local environment. You can watch the international Bachata competitions and championships in youtube. Observe and identify the world excellence in bachata, its different styles on stage, learn about creativity, musicality, connection, technique etc…
  • Close your eyes play your 3 favorite bachata songs and imagine freely the dancer you want to be. Try the experience; you will be a better dancer.

You do not realize it but by this first phase, a dancer is already born in you…

Secret 2: Have the right mentality

What most people do when they want to be good dancer is to rush to a dance school and. That is wrong.

First, adopt the attitude of a good bachata dancer. A lousy dancer with expensive dance shoes is still a lousy dancer.

I have 2 tips for you :

  • Identify your motivations: why do you want to dance bachata? Why do you want to be a good bachata dancer? What do you want/desire from the bachata community and people? Which need do you want to satisfy in your life by dancing bachata? If you question yourself, you know from the beginning why you dance bachata and it makes sense to your dancing. Write your top 3 motivations and post it in your room and read it every day.

1- You can travel by dancing bachata.

2-By dancing bachata you will never walk alone

3- Dancing bachata will challenge you

4- Bachata: happiness factory.

5- It will give you confidence.

6- You can make a difference in the lives of others.

7- It opens up opportunities and projects.

It is necessary t know your motivations but not necessary. To have the right mentality, you need to:

  • Accept the challenge and measure the efforts to do to. Not everyone is ready to be a good and successful dancer. To be ready to be a good bachata dancer means you accept it”s a long process, a long journey. You need to have a long term vision and plan. You accept a delayed gratification.

“A bachata dancer who has a loser mentality will always lose no matter what he does”





Find the right dance instructor. A teacher who makes you feel great and bring the best out of you? A good dance teacher does not only teach steps and techniques, but also correct your mistakes with a positive. For me, a good bachata teacher must have a good pedagogy, teaches steps you can easily reuse at the parties, provides a long term direction, makes me enjoy during the class, challenge me with a positive attitude bringing people together.

Consult around you , get advices, try an open class or a trial.  If you have been taking lessons for a long period and don’t seem to be improving, enjoying the class or learning anything new, consider looking around for a different teacher.

Then, I suggest you to find a mentor, an experienced dancer in your social network to get honest and constructive feedbacks and advices along your bachata journey.

2 tips for you:

  • Consult people around you to have feedback about dance schools and teachers.
  • Sign up for regular classes. 1 class per week for 1 year is a minimum to have basics in bachata.

If you have trouble about your dance, results, ask your teacher and your mentor. Communicate it !

Bachata practice


“The more you dance, the more you become a bachata dancer”.

Remember that anything important cannot really be learned in the classroom. It must be learned by taking action, making mistakes, and then correcting them. Practice please or don’t dance !

 Click here for More inspiration for beginner dancer


Learn to get the technique. Practice to mature your steps and style. When you have free time, practice, just anywhere, at anytime even 5 min even in front of your mirror at home in pyjama :D.

Do you know what does separate the basic dancers from the good dancers? The technique and style.

The more you practice, the more you improve the combination of muscle and brain memory.  You need to activate it to be a good dancer. Learning new dance moves requires more effort than repeating known ones, and the same for new dance routines. The only way around this is practice until the dance moves or routine becomes like second nature to you.

Show off your moves to a friend or family member, as this may help you feel more confident.


Secret 5: Learning Bachata in 2020, TAKE BABY STEPS, DO NOT RUSH THE PROCESS!

How many people when they start bachata want to rush the process? After 1 month of course they decide they are good enough to stp attending classes. There is no problem with that but do not expect the best benefits.

Or after 1 month some of them are frustrated because they do not have results.

I have seen too many people trying sensual bachata before mastering the basic steps, the basic rhythm and the rules about musicality.

Whatever your results after 1 month, 3 months, 1 year continue !!!! Learn, practice, get results step by steps.

Bachata is a life journey. Take baby steps, do not rush the process. What is a baby step? Easy enough to make you confident and big enough to develop your skills. To be a good bachata dancer is not measured by the number of steps you know but by the number of months, years you practice and master the steps with your own signature, style and personality.

Learn, practice, be consistent and then, you are ready for the next phase.

Secret 6: Explore and challenge yourself !

  • Be musical: To know technique is necessary but not enough. Listen to music regularly to design and improve your musicality. Then, choose your steps according to the musicality and music the DJ plays.
  • Extend your skills and aspirations: Go to the international congresses. Measure yourself with the world excellence. You will suffer at the beginning and then you will be excited to learn from the best.
  • Transfer your skills: help and advice the dancers around you, in the class, at parties be an available and positive resource, assist the teacher, teach in open class etc…
  • Able to dance with anyone: a good bachata dancer is able to dance with everyone and make happy the partner: anywhere and anytime.

Secret 7: Be an optimistic bachata dancer!

“Be a positive dancer and you will perform better”

Do you know a good bachata dancer or teacher who is negative and happy from dancing? No..

  • Be happy whatever your level: fully enjoy all level and stages of your bachata development. Dancing is a chance, appreciate it. Highlight your value and do not think about what is missing, do not compare and just follow your unique story
  • Accept adversity, fails and mistakes: laugh about your mistakes please, take it as a fun and then practice again and again. Some days you are going to dance poorly and feel tired, unfocused and not confident. Accept this reality and admit there are ups and downs. The down period is part of the game , this is normal.
  • Surround yourself with positive people: Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good about your dancing is key to performing well. If you are around a negative group of people who isolate you or put you down, find a better crowd to associate with. Doing this will dramatically increase your happiness and performance.

 Click here for More inspiration for beginner dancer


So, how to be a good beginner bachata dancer finally?

A good bachata dancer is a bachata dancer who feels good. This is not a matter of level but more a matter of positive emotions you get from dancing. If you loose this feeling, try to restart the process and identify what you are missing. If you want to dance, go for it, it could change your life!

It doesn’t matter who you are, and what kind of background you have. You may not be perfect at it, but you need to love it.

To be a good bachata dancer,  it takes a lot of practice and hard work. But if you have the right amount of talent, confidence, and patience, you can accomplish anything.

Confidence is the key to be a good bachata dancer . Practice your bachata moves in your mirror at home until you feel comfortable. Practicing at home will build your confidence for when you are dancing in public.

Dance with your own style , do not copy another dancer’s style. You can use a style to build your own. You are a unique human being right? Be a unique Bachata dancer…




Why Bachata


Hey this is Mohamed. I help you to Dance Bachata & Be a Mindful Dancer. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. You are awesome by nature and i will help you to manifest it here... -Mohamed


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