Benefits of dancing bachata for your life 💃 🕺


Benefits of dancing bachata for your life

Dancing bachata can be a life saver. You search for friends. You seem isolated in the society. You need to have a physical activity. You aim to have fun? You are in depression? You search for a dance therapy? Dancing bachata has unlimited benefits that you must discover it today. This article is not here just to make you dance. Dancing bachata is a way to get something bigger. Dancing bachata will change your life from today. Whatever you are a non-dancer, a beginner dancer of bachata or advanced, teacher, artists the benefits of practicing bachata dance are tremendous. This special document is written to be aware of the numerous positive effects of dancing bachata. The consequences of bachata on your mind, the body and entire life are proven by the science and I explain you everything here. The guide is very detailed with 6 000 words (a standard article in this blog is around 1500 words). This article has been created to provide you a tremendous value: enjoy!

Topics (Source: Science):

  1. What is dancing Bachata?
  2. The impact of dancing bachata on the body
  3. The positive effects of dancing bachata on THE MIND
  4. Dancing Bachata & Risk reduction
  5. Keeping you young
  6. Dancing Bachata improves Mobility & Awareness
  7. Mind,Dance & Physic
  8. Social Skills Increased
  9. Meet potential significant other; LOVE!


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I do not want to teach you anything, I just want to make you think, act and transform.

The question is: have you ever heard of anyone on their deathbed say that they wish they danced less?

My journey has shown many people the benefits of dancing bachata and how to enjoy it. It is now going to be easy, but soon, you will realize just how important it really is. If I can help just one person, then, this article will be worth it. Bachata is a way for me to express my freedom, my precision and my dedication. You will come to understand the impact and incredible benefits of dancing bachata.

Learning a new skill that you will remember for the rest of your life can change your life, and it is the most valuable thing you can do. Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world said Nelson Mandela. Once you know how to dance bachata, you up-skill all those that do not know. At weddings, at parties, to get the girl, to hold your posture, pose for a photo, there are so many ways that bachata dance can help. Competing for a woman, the man who can dance bachata has one up on a man who cannot.

When you dance bachata, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It is to enjoy every step along the way.

The teacher informed us that it was a combination of muscle memory, musical memory and kinesthetic learning.

There have been many studies concluding that dance has an impact on memory but I believe it is much more than that. It is a life changer. Who knows, you might be surprised how much dance can help not only you but also your friends and your family.

This article is for those who have never danced before and people who have been dancing their entire lives. People dance bachata for all different reasons, women for enjoyment, men to meet women etc…

If you were to dance, what would be your reason for starting? Perhaps you do not know it now, but at the end of this article, I will ask you again, and I hope you have a solid answer. I want to open your mind to dance bachata, what it can be, and how much it can change every aspect of your life.

What is dancing Bachata?

Alfredo & Andrea

You dance like no one is watching you? Like if it was heaven on earth?

Dance is defined as the movement of our bodies in a rhythmic way to music. To feel like you are dancing is to feel a sense of freedom and life within you. There are many different dance styles of Bachata. Each of them stems from a unique region and has different energies, feeling and training requirements. Dancers can range from 5 years old to 90 years old performing and compete. It is the body movement to the music. No matter what you do, if you see it as a rhythmic movement,  you are dancing.

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The impact of dancing bachata on the body

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.


I am going to be cheeky and ask: how many calories do you think you burn having sex?

We all do it. There is nothing to be prudish about. So, what do you think the number is? Do you think it burns more calories than a walk or run? Does going to the gym burn more calories? Do you think it would burn more calories than dancing bachata? Sex has always be known as the greatest workouts that do not feel like you are working out. It is the same when you dance bachata. You do not feel like you are working out, burning calories or doing cardio because you are usually having fun or learning something which distracts you from that. Ok so dancing Bachata actually burns more calories than sex!  I know surprising. When having sex, the average person burns 207 calories every 30 min.

When dancing bachata socially, or in a class, the average person burns 223 calories every 30 minutes of a class. So, If I were to have a life with sex and bachata dance, I think that would be a pretty amazing life.


When you dance bachata, you get a new wind of energy because of three main factors: how you move your body. What do you pot into your body. And how you hydrate and repair your body. Exercise, food, water.

The first step is to take a class or a one on one lesson or even a YouTube 5/10 min video class. That is it. Who knows, where you might end up? There is certainly no harm in trying, it is just making the initial step. Make sure you do it for yourself!


The food you eat, can either be the safest and most powerful medicine, or the slowest form of poison.

What you put inside your body is extremely important. We have all heard the phrase “you are what you eat”. People are becoming more aware of what is in certain foods, and what they are putting in their bodies. It is just horrible the things we do not know what happens to our food before it ends up in the supermarket. Hence, we need to be careful what we put in it because we only have one body to get us through life.

I am sure because you are reading this, you have a want to be the best of you and that includes your body too.


Water is the driving for of all nature. There is nothing more important for our bodies than water. When dancing bachata, you burn tons of energy, and your body needs to replenish it. To live a long life, we need to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day based on a weight of approximately 50 kg. Honestly, most of us do not drink the minimum amount. So, what if you do not have enough water in your body, to begin with? Your body will not be working for you. I will admit, there are times I completely forget to drink water until I get a headache and realize “Ah could be a lack of water”.

But when I dance, bachata there is nothing I want to do more than to drink plenty of water. Dancing bachata is a great motivator to make me drink much more water than I ever have. I notice a big difference when I do.

Drinking more water can prevent activating our cancer cells and reduce the risk of developing a tumor by 50 %. Also, the lack of hydration increases muscle weakness, body fatigue, and loss of balance, as muscle tissue contains about 75% water. In fact, our entire body is 60% water.

I am sure you already know how important water is and that we cannot survive without it.

When dancing bachata socially, you are likely to drink more water and less alcohol. Alcohol can slow you down when dancing bachata , and it can be quite dangerous, too. You may think you can dance better with some liquid confidence, but if you trip your partner or lose your balance, you most likely won’t be asked for dancing bachata again.

If it can help stop cancer cells becoming harmful, improve your immune system, makes your body stronger, increases your energy level and brain activity, then dancing bachata can be the key to realizing  you are not drinking enough water throughout the day. You will wonder why did not you start dancing and drinking water a long time ago.

The positive effect of dancing bachata on THE MIND



A Standford University study entitled Dancing makes you smarter suggests that the greatest benefit of dancing is to retain memory and reduce the risk of dementia. The study ran for 21 years, the world MUST know information. Your memory acts in 3 different ways: acquisition: this has to do with how you take in the information, essentially how it is encoded in your brain. Why this is a significant memory? What other’s memory and emotions give this memory juice so that it can be stored correctly. These  memories need to be very significant, repetitive or made when you were paying very close attention to that information. Consolidation grouping your short-term/new memories with long term memory you have stored. These makes it much easier to recall in the future. This happens during our sleep.

Retrieval: If you use the information you are trying to recall daily, it will only take an instant. But it might take several moments to recall something from a long time ago as your first memory.

The known disease Alzheimer mainly affects the area of the brain and retains memory. Memory is very important aspect of everyone’s life. Can you imagine your life without it?

Your brain is constantly learning, adapting and trying new things no matter what your age. The more you encourage your mind and body, to learn and move, the better your memory will become. So, how does dancing bachata and the study come into this? Well, it is said that dance can connect all three of the above elements: acquisition, storage and retrieval of memory. Well, dancing bachata can do the same. It is an ideal way to enhance  and increase your long-term and short-term memory. Even when you are watching other people dance, that activated your brain so that you imagine doing the same. Therefore, watching dancing bachata and completing the movement yourself still triggers these elements to work together simultaneously to improve memory function.

Repetition set in stone

“Repetition is the mother of learning, the factor of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment”. Zig Ziglar.

Remembering is just like muscle memory. You may do something every day, a few time a day for a year. Your body will remember that “something” and you will notice you start doing it automatically. This is because your mind and your muscles have been working together.

According to a study, the average time for someone to form a new habit is 66 days, just over 2 months. Tony Robbins in his studies has found that if you do something regularly for 6 months, then you will feel a need to continue or feel a loss if you do not do it after that time. This will create a long and lasting habit.

Dancing bachata creates the repetition and patterns that not only stimulate your brain but also help you remember steps. The music and body movement working together is one of the best way to create a muscle memory.

Right mindset & Learning:

Having the right mindset is extremely important when going through any change, complication, problem, conflict or challenge in your life.  Having a negative mindset can cause you to make regretful decisions. Your mind has such a huge impact on your body. You need to flood it with information, growth and positive vibes.

Now imagine applying that to your daily bachata dance life. To imagine what you want is so much more effective than hoping. So, if you have the right mindset, imagining that you want, increases your chance of getting it by 20-40%.

Dancing Bachata & Risk reduction


“Let us read, and let us dance, these two amusements will never do any harm to the world” Voltaire.

Saving your life

In chapter 3, we talked about how dance ranks at the top activity for your mind and it can also reduce your risk of getting some very serious diseases as you get older. The most common disease people get when they age is Dementia. Dementia interferes with things such as memory, communication, daily activities and reasoning. Alzheimer as you may know, it is a form of Dementia.

If you are over 65 or know someone who is, they have a 1 in 10 chance of having dementia.

Dementia includes:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vascular dementia
  • Dementia with lowy bodies
  • Mixed dementia
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Frontotemporal dementia
  • Creudzfeldt jacob disease
  • Normal pressure hydrocephalus
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Wernicke korsakoff syndrom


Statistics that show dancing helps

If you knew something that would help to prevent you or your family from getting any form of dementia, would you do it?

Read the statistics below regarding how much reading, swimming, gold etc has, and the effect on dementia and you will begin to understand why it is so important to know this information.

Standford’s 21 year study of Alzeimer’s patients and potentials show the reduced risk of getting dementia. Activity reduction of risk to get dementia in percentage.

  • Playing golf regularly 0%
  • Bicycling and swimming frequently 0%
  • Eeading daily 35%
  • Crossword puzzles 47%
  • Dancing Bachata frequently, 2 times a week 76%

Therefore, dancing bachata carries the greatest percentage of risk reduction of any activity studied, cognitive or physical.

Parkinson’s disease is another horrifying form of dementia, and many studies have been conducted over the years in an effort to prove that dancing bachata is a proven therapy for Parkinson’s patients. The National Center of Biotechnology confirms that it helps with balance, stability, mental processing, focus, speed and mobility. This is predominant in partnered dance like Bachata.

It enhances rhythmic auditory processes that stimulate movement in the body and brain. Having a partner increases the chance of recovery by boosting visual and somatosensory feelings.

Live your life


We all wanted to find out what were the most common dying wishes and regrets so that we could do something about it with the people who had time left.

  • I wish i had lived my own life rather than how the society taught me to live. I wish i had cared less about other people think.
  • I wish i had discovered my purpose earlier
  • I wish i had taken more risks, i wish i had faced my fears
  • I wish i had taken better care of myself
  • I wish i had allowed myself to love
  • I wish i had touched more lives and inspired more people
  • I wished i had been a better partner or parent
  • I wish i had spent more time with the people
  • I love, i wish i had lived more in the moment
  • I wish i had work so hard
  • i wish i had had the courage to express my feelings
  • i wish i had stayed in touch with my friends
  • i wish i had left myself to be happier

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This were the top 12 answers.

So, what are you waiting for? Allow yourself to live your dance life. Learn to dance bachata. Do it well and keep in touch with those you connect with.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis

“Characters cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only though experience of trial and suffering can be soul strengthened, ambition inspired and success achieved” Hellen Keller

Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which bones become fragile and can break easily. When you build your dancing ability, you strengthening your bones without knowing it. You will notice you will be able to move with more power and strength. You will be able to trust in your muscles, bones and movements much more by strengthening your bones. You can also do this by working out in the gym , but a nice, more, social way of exercising is when you feel that you are not and dance provides this. Over a 12-month period, the NCBI studied the benefits of dance on participants’ bones.

For osteoporosis sufferers, dancing was beneficial for the strengthening of their bones.

Keeping you young

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once” Friedrich Nietzsche


Strength & Muscle Build

Dancing bachata at any level helps to engage your core muscles which, over time, builds strength and stability when moving your abdomen and hips. If you work on your core (your stomach and abs) on a regular basis though movement and dance, it can help to prevent joint complications and lower back injuries.


The more you dance bachata, the more strength you build, the more your muscle fitness improves, and the tighter your skin becomes, which are great benefits to have as you age.

Stamina & Endurance

By learning to dance bachata, you use your body’s movement in a unique way which builds many things including endurance. You can endure more. The more you dance , the more you will be able to walk, jog or run for a longer period, stand for a longer periods of time and be able to have more energy when using movement in your daily tasks. As we mentioned it is a great cardio substitute. When you dance bachata for a few hours, in the evening, you will be surprised how quickly you start to notice that each time you are getting better at controlling your breath , being able to dance for longer and improving your movements.

If you attend classes, then practice what you learn at home, start using your new dance skills when you socialize. This is how you build stamina. To improve your future, and day to day life, building stamina is extremely important to stay young and healthy.

Reaching, Lung Capacity

The way we breath can be beneficial as well as detrimental to our health. When we laugh and feel good, we breath in fuller and deeper breaths. This creates more oxygen flow, helping the body cells become energized. But, when we are stressed or scared we tend to hold our breath , which can increase injuries.

Stress reliever

Stress is caused by a buildup of emotional tension and overload. It can become harmful and quickly turn negative if not dealt with by a release of some sort. Some people want to talk through their stresses, and that makes them feel better.

For many, it can be a dose of social dancing. Dancing bachata can help you grow, do something new, connect with others and release endorphins.

All of these activities create the feeling that you are not in your head worrying about yourself and your own overload. You realize that there is more in the world, and if you can get that release of energy or endorphins, it is such a stress reliever.

 Weight loss-Fit

There is a reason that dancers usually look fit and healthy. It is because they are. Dancing bachata is an incredible way to lose weight and stay healthy for people of any age, shape and size. For starters, dancing increases your stamina, cardio, flexibility and fluidity. All of which help you become a healthier and fitter person.

Now you can dance for your cardio. Thirty minutes of dancing bachata has a similar fat burn and calorie burn as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling. You increase the muscle mass in your legs and burn fat in other areas too. Cardio is running, jogging, walking, cycling, anything that includes a high energy activity. That includes dancing on the social dancefloor. I have said it a bunch of times and I will say it again. You do not realize you are working out when you are dancing. You get so captivated by your dance partner and the music, the moves, the atmosphere, thinking that you are increasing your cardio and building stamina is the last thing on your mind. You are also helping your muscles to move more, reinforcing and stretching them. If you stop you die. Once you stop your physical body starts depleting , that’s it. Once your mind starts depleting, the body joins. Our bodies were never meant to be still.

I am afraid in our day and age, we are always on our computers, phones and tablets all day, then go home to watch series and keep our phone next to us in bed. The only time we change this habit is when we go on holidays that does not allow access to WIFI. Yet that would drive most people crazy.

Normally, we would be on our phones, tweeting or posting about how our amazing trip is. It makes me think that we are going to end up more like my grandma. We do not mingle with other people anymore. We stick in our homes rather than visiting others, we cancel on more plans than any other time in history. For what? The precious box that is going to make our body still. Our bodies are designed for movement. If you choose to go and dance even one night a week, it could change your life. Yes, this is massive. Dancing bachata can save your body from tightening up as well as keep your mind active since your mind is just a muscle too. Dancing bachata has changed my body and my life forever.

My metabolism is much faster, which help me lose weight faster and makes it harder to gain weight. My mind craves the activity of movement and music together, allowing me to exercise without feeling as though I am working out. My core is stronger and physically a lot firmer than it was when I began dancing bachata. My mindset is much more positive and I am also more aware of my surroundings plus I have been open to more things , like being more adventurous and eager to try new things in comparison to my friends and family.


I am really happy with how dance has changed my life.

Street latinBachata, salsa, merengue, zouk, lambada
Energy Calories Burned2230 calories total potential
Class 1h446 calories
Practice or social dance 4h1784 calories
Water to drink250ml every 15min
Health Benefits

Increases memory

Increases calmness

Increases energy level

Increases weight loss and body mobility

Used to help patients with Dementia & stressed joints.

Age brackets5 years old to 94 years young

Average age social dancing

Performing, competing

Biggest highlight

30 years old

24 years old

You do not realize you are working out because you are having so much fun.


Dancing Bachata improves Mobility & Awareness

Visualization in dance

No matter what are your age, mobility, flexibility, balance and posture can dramatically increase your health level and reduce your risk of being hurt.


Flexibility is the key to stability. Stretching is a vital part of any work out. No matter who the professional is, , they will tell you the importance of stretching. They say, if you do not use it, you lose it.

Balance & Spatial Awareness

Balance is not something you have, it is something you create. How is your balance? Do you realize how much being well balance benefits your whole body? Well balance is one of the biggest and most important aspects of walking. We walk with our arms swinging opposite to our legs so that we keep balance. We counterbalance ourselves all the time.

Learning to dance bachata in any form makes you spatially aware of your body and contributes to better balance. The movements you make through dance can improve your balance in your daily life.

As a dancer, you learn to use your body to create the best balance possible and also to improve your balance, which helps with everyday movement in life. We seem to lose our balance naturally as we are if we do not use it.

Mind,Dance & Physic


The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

 Improved mental Functioning

Do not dwell in the past. Do not dream of future. Concentrate the mind on the present moment.

Dance has been scientifically proven to benefit the brain in multiple ways and the mind has so much power over the body. But, scientists did not connect the dots between neurological benefits and dance until 2008 and an article in Scientific American magazine in which a Colombian university neuroscientist proposed that movement and music stimulate the brain in a way that feels like a pleasure double play, especially dance. The double play relates to the music and movement, it has a double benefit.

Greater Self-Esteem

Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that is important for good health. Imagine the most attractive person you have ever seen. How do they look to you? Do they have their shoulders back, their head up high? Do they breath deep and full breaths, have a level of certainty that you can feel? If yes, then they are showing you their confidence. They are comfortable in their own skin and who they are.

Dancing bachata creates this. When you meet a dancer, you usually know they dance, or they have a presence that you cannot seem to articulate. They are more confident people in general and are more aware of their bodies. I am not saying everyone should be a dancer or dance. But music, movement and social aspects all together do this.

Social Skills Increased


Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take actions forwards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to the music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.

Gets your mingling with people

Dancing bachata creates a social aspect that, at any age, makes you feel comfortable. You can go and have fun. You meet new people, perhaps see those you already know and make connections with people you might never meet normally. Some of my closest friends are people I have met on the dancefloor. Now, wherever I go there are always some known faces anywhere, friends, artists etc… Have you ever heard a friend say let’s go out Bachata dancing tonight?

I have found when I went out dancing bachata in the beginning stages of learning. I would never be alone. There was always someone willing to go with me or whom would know when I was there.

Friends and protector.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone at night.

You gain a dance family

I open the doors of the dancefloor. I am transported in Dominican Republic. Hundreds of people were sweating it out to a live band. Walking through a crowd of dancers. All recognize you, look at you, greet you, smile at you, give you love. A family, yes? Yes! Doubtlessly ! My dance family I trust. People who have been there from when I started dancing. They call me out when I have not been dancing and rope me back in. They support me and give me pep talks when I needed them. I am grateful for such experience. No matter how old, unfit, crazy, the way to experience people, community and life is through dance.

Dancing bachata creates a family through doing what you love, be passionate, caring and fun then your new family will come.

Meet potential significant other


Dancing Bachata is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire.

Finding the one.

There is only one happiness in this life: to love and to be loved.

I constantly ask to my friends: where can I find Mrs or Mr Right? I can tell you, based on history and what experts tell us ,is that the only way to do that is to interrupt your own pattern. To go where you have not been and do what you have never done. Meet the people who are also in the same boat.  When two people have the same values are in a close proximity and are both new to something, it can really bring them together. It makes the timing perfect. If you are looking for a long lasting love, then you MUST do something different if what you have been doing is not working.  The definition of insanity is doing the same and expect different results said Albert Einstein. Still being who you are, you also need to become the person that your ideal man or woman would want. How are you going to attract the person when that person would like a person you are now? You will find Mrs or Mr Right by this tip….

Feel Powerful

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are , you would never think a negative thought.

I have already mentioned it twice. Confidence is key. Confidence exuded by someone is a large part of what makes us feel attracted to him or to her. If people are uncomfortable in their own skin and happy to be who they are, it shows in their demeanor and usually makes us further interested in that person.

Have you ever noticed someone with great posture, a light around them and their movement is just so natural? Not always, but in my life, a lot of those people come from a performance or dance background. Dancing bachata helps your posture which makes you look different and confident. To have the best posture when you are dancing bachata you must:

  • Pull your chest up as if you are taking a deep breath in.
  • Look straight ahead.
  • Keep your shoulders down and relaxed, yet still slightly back.
  • Keep your pelvis tucked in so it feels like you are tensing your bum cheeks and rotating your hips forward.
  • Balance with even weight spread out from the balls of your feet to the outside edge.
  • One of the biggest tips I can ever give my students is to own it, and smile. By owning it I mean to be confident in yourself.

No matter whether you can dance or not; if you own the dance floor, then it changes your outlook on the moves and your partner. Then there is smiling. There is nothing sexier and more confident than someone who smiles because it looks like you enjoy what you are doing. Try it, try going out, having great posture and smiling. This has helped me attract women in my life and it does not fail me. You will create attention by being you, owning it, smiling. If it does not feel natural, then take a few dance classes. Yes, you feel terrible at the beginning. But you have to know that everyone was a beginner before being a master.

Men & Women roles

Marcelo y Belen

Neither man nor woman is perfect or complete without the other.

Dance is a place where you can feel the dynamics of the male and female relationship. The man leads and proposes the steps and the woman choose to accept it and complete it, or manipulate the movement. In my experience, dance has brought people together by this dynamic. A great book that demonstrates this is Man are from Mars and Woman from Venus by John Gray. It shows us that the natural elements we bring are at the core of the way we dance. The feeling of trust is there. Without one there would not be the other. We need each other to perform the correct roles in order to have the chemistry to dance and dance well. My suggestion to mean is to make the dance like no other.

Suggestions for men;

  • Look in her eyes every now and then
  • Get close at some point and then pull away
  • Respect her space
  • Smile or laugh at moments when you see a mistake
  • Lead very smoothly
  • Judge her reaction to your moves and tricks
  • Keep it simple and flawless
  • Listen to the music and react accordingly
  • Have fun
  • Learn, try something she would have never seen or done
  • Ask her to dance with your hand out in front of you and with a smile
  • Thank her for the dance and walk her back to her place
  • Protect your dance partner
  • Feed of her energy, then make it better!


Suggestions for women:

  • Own your time apart
  • Look at him in the eyes at different points
  • Style your own and interrupt is normal pattern
  • Smile at him and connect with him.
  • Be comfortable
  • Make mistakes and laugh them off
  • Act like a lady
  • Allow  him to lead you!
  • Show up your femininity, your glamour the queen inside you!

Dance shoes

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The first journey for a bachata beginner dancer

ask me for dance

Practice! Knowledge is no value unless you put it into practice

One must know by now that it is not what you watch or read but what you do that defines you.

So, how do you begin?

Ok, step by step.

It is the only way forward:

  1. Google Bachata dancing in your location
  2. No, you do not need a partner
  3. No, you do not need moral support from a friend joining you
  4. Go by yourself
  5. Learn the basics
  6. Practice the fundamentals and basics twice a week by yourself
  7. Go out social dancing after the first 6 week of class. This is crucial for your teaching.
  8. Go out social dancing again
  9. Concentrate on smiling and having fun while dancing
  10. Watch videos of people you aspire to dance like
  11. If any of them are in your country, go and learn more!
  12. Always learn as much as you can, different styles of bachata are always fantastic.
  13. Be kind and help people around you who want to learn from you or ask for advices.
  14. Have gratitude for the dancer you have become, even from the first day and your community.

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And for you in your experience: what are the benefits of dancing bachata in your life?





Why Bachata


Hey this is Mohamed. I help you to Dance Bachata & Be a Mindful Dancer. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. You are awesome by nature and i will help you to manifest it here... -Mohamed


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