What is your favourite bachata song?


What is your favourite bachata song?

I am really happy that we talk about bachata music, because music and dance are really connected. Like brother and sister they are just one. We cannot say that we are a dancer if we do not pay attention to the music.

For me, if we speak about favorite song, there are 3 types.


My best Bachata song of the moment: Pinto Picasso Paris

The first is the song of the moment. You know that there are every week releases of all kinds: remixes, Dominican or whatever. I am sure you have your favourite song of the moment. Maybe every 3 months I get one which becomes my favourite. Mine at the beginning of 2020 is Pinto Picasso: Paris. I love dancing on that. As you see there are 3 factors I observe: listen, dance and watch (clip or a dance video). These song matches all these criteria. Between you and me, I dance on this song even at home, in pyjama, 5 times in a row.

The song which made me start dancing bachata

The second category is the song which made me dance bachata. Just a small story. It was Christmas dinner in France, and my sister showed us on youtube a bachata song. It was Extremo: Te extraño with Ataca & La Alemana dancing. I had no idea about dance, it was not in my interests and plans, and believe me, I was so shy that I would not dare to invite a girl to dance. But this song was the origin of everything. I did not know at that time, but unconsciously my sister hooked me with this dance because I saw her face while she was watching the video and she looked amazed by this bachata music and song. Since then, Te extraño by Extremo has been my favourite song as the song which made me start bachata.

Best Bachata song : the one i have really chosen among 1000

And then I have MY favourite song, the song I have chosen and which is the number one, as the one I chose. Many years ago in Montpellier in France, my teacher Jorge de Cuba would play this song every Friday and every Saturday when I went out to dance. This song is Sabor a menta, by Distri 0. I got so many emotions dancing on this song while I was a beginner…

And please, can you tell us about your 3 best bachata songs?

Maybe you have a song in your mind? You cannot stop listening…it is maybe linked with an emotion, an experience, a dancer, a moment of your life. Tell me about your favorite songs. Where did you hear it for the first time? How do you feel it listening to it? Do you regularly change your ex best song for a new one? How do you explain it?

Here you have the right to choose it among sad bachata songs

Feel free to find your best bachata music




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