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Welcome to Bachata the 100% Bachata Blog. Here i share article related to Bachata dance, Bachata passion, Bachata social dance, bachata music, artists of bachata, dance spirit. This is a place to learn how to dance bachata and how to improve your dance spirit. As dancing bachata is evolving, my ambition is to energize you and make you a new inspiration every time you are here browsing the free bachata blog. If you are a girl, you will get tips for follower and also how to understand the leader not just in dance but also in term of psychology. If you are a man, the curiosity is to understand the girl and the role of follower in dancing bachata. I try to post a new article per week so stay tuned!

Guide The full Benefits of dancing bachata

Learn how to dance Bachata

Some people want to learn how to dance bachata but they need support. They are struggling in dancing bachata because of the limiting belief, lack of clarity, low confidence and a lack of dance strategy and process. So, many article underline the fears of the bachata beginer dancer, a strategy to follow to learn bachata step by step andย  more…

Guide for bachata beginner dancer

External resource: Bachata Spain

Bachata blog posts connected with Bachata Music

We are in passion for bachata for dancing on this special music.So, many post are connected with the music of bachata. Sad songs, compilation of classic bachata songs, bachata remixes, dominican bachata music and of course musicality. Discover also the interview of Dj Tronky and other international artist of bachata.

Bachata music is in evolution

Bachata blog posts connected with Bachata dance

I also give you the opportunity to learn about the type of bachata styles, the good practices that you can reuse in your social dance and enjoy.

Guide The different bachata styles