How to dance Bachata ? Top 3 mistakes done by a beginner


How to dance Bachata? Top 3 mistakes done by a beginner

What are the comon mistakes in dancing bachata? As every new discipline and dance, bachata requires to start before getting all the precious benefits it brings you. To begin as a beginner dancer is never easy. Have you ever felt in front of a huge mountain saying “I am not gonna make it, I cannot climb it, this is above my potential”?  Yes, all of us. I personally understand you because I was a beginner too. In this article, you are going to discover the most frequent 3 errors a beginner can make when he starts the long educational process.For all of you preferred video learners out there, here is a quick video on this topic from my youtube channel below: external link

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1/ Comon mistakes in dancing bachata: “I want to be a bachata star right now”: Take baby steps!

How to be a good beginner in dancing bachata? Your mindset matters

We are all placed in a modern society where we get instant access to almost everything.  Look at Netflix and it 100 000 available movies and it full library access. We are not patient and we require to have “everything” right now. Therefore, the first error when we start Bachata is to want to dance like a “Pro” immediately. This perception in term of expectations, lead us to discourage after realizing all the bachata obstacles we need to overcome to be the dancer we desire to be. And in the beginning, we all desire to be a good beginner. Yes, bachata is more complicated than we thought and the path of learning not peaceful at all if you are not prepared. It can affect your self-confidence because you feel you are losing control of the situation. Learning bachata is a challenge right?

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You need long-term bachata learning to be self-confident

Do not be discouraged, I have a suggestion of question for you:  “How do you eat an Elephant?”  (no offense, this is a metaphor, I love animals : ) ). The answer is “One bite at a time”. And that is how I recommend you proceed. It involves emotional learning. After you take baby steps and you learn the basics for six months to a year, you are ready to move working your creativity and then to improve your dance connection and style. You have got to walk before you can run. You need long-term bachata learning to be self-confident.

If you think you cannot make it because you think you do not have the capacities, can I then recommend you to have a look at my bachata story and you will understand that starting at 0, from scratch, is really possible. Step by step focus on manageable objectives, open your possibilities, design your control on the dance, music, partner and the bachata environment around you.

2/ “I feel I am a ZERO, I do not progress”:  Practice!

Bachata requires a regular practice

Are you starting Bachata or need to rework your basics? You try and you have the sensation you do not progress? Does it discourage you? Many say Bachata is a simple way, low cost and fast to dance a Latin dance. But many people fail after few months. Why? Because it requires a lot of efforts at the beginning for a low result. Many are blocked at the first phase. They will be excited to discover a new discipline and then, after the decrease of excitement, they will give up, seeing how much efforts you need to provide before getting the first big returns. Bachata requires practice but practice is not sufficient. Bachata requires a regular practice.

Take action and repeat it

Take action and repeat it. Some of us are maybe lazy to go on training and practicing the steps your lovely teacher delivered you. Right? We are all sometimes lazy or distracted. There are always good reasons not to practice. Sometimes, we do not perceive the emotional cost of inaction. Action beats inaction. Regular practice beats regular doubts. So, if you feel you are not in progress anymore, stop thinking and go on practicing. Do it with your favorite partner or in a group but do it. Take it like that: if you think it is a burden, it will be a burden. If you think it is an amusement, it will be a fun game. If you think it is a lifestyle, it will be a passionate discipline for you. Do you get it? 🙂

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3/ Comon mistakes in dancing bachata: “I am afraid of making mistake in bachata”:  Make mistakes please!

Set your ego aside and make mistakes

We have ego, fears, doubts and those features influence us in our bachata environment. The dancers around are good, better, much better and as a beginner, I feel like a little mouse among a patrol of Elephants, right? This feeling of comparison is natural and belongs to every kind of bachata dancer when it is time to start the marathon. As a beginner, we put so much pressure on ourselves, and our subconscious repeats slowly but regularly, “Don’t make mistakes!”.

Assume to be ridiculous

In Bachata, millions of beginners who want to practice at workshops or parties are paralyzed by the emotional fear of making mistakes. That is why actions always beat inaction. If you take action and make mistakes, at least you have learned something. The more you dance and make mistakes, the more you increase your chance to be an accomplished bachata dancer. By my side, as a beginner, I am always ready to assume the shock of “being ridiculous” in case of failing. It can be about my steps, my dance connection, my musicality, my social dance approach with my dance partner for a song etc… It can happen anytime and that is why it is better to take it with the least ego and the biggest fun and amusement. Yes, I am going to repeat myself and underline Bachata is a game and we have to learn “everyday” something.

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Be kind to yourself

So, if you have fears of making mistakes, think about this: “Make mistakes and you will be a good dancer. Make a lot of mistakes and you will be a very good dancer of Bachata”. Be kind to yourself. One of the most painful aspects of making mistakes or failing at bachata, is not what other people say about us, but how hard we are on ourselves. Most people who make a mistake beat themselves up far more than anyone else would.

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Thank you for reading this new article. That was the top 3 errors committed by beginners in bachata. As we are all beginners forever in bachata let’s think about these recommendations I suggested. Get a warm energy dancing and appreciate this fun game bachata represents. As you see, you can overcome it easily with the right action and the right mind. Good luck to all beginners we all are. Share your experience by leaving a comment, sharing this article, and talking about it in your dance community. And I am pretty sure your dance cmmunity will be grateful for that 🙂


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