I suggest you to contribute and leave your print in the bachata community. Promote the bachata passion, the right mentality in and out of the dancefloor. Promote your original dance experiences.

One of the objectives is to place you in the center of the bachata experience and your word, your bachata story matters. Be a source of inspiration for all! And I only have 2 hands and i cannot cover all the topics. There are so many! Then, i would like to give you the opportunity to express your bachata passion on bachata infuence and promote bachata in all its aspects! Your biggest secrets and confessions are welcomed! Of course, every article posted on bachata influence will introduce the author, including a redirecting URL of your choice.

To contribute, you can write an article/suggest an interview and choose your best topic if it has not been posted already on bachata Influence.

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  • Be inspiring and think “out of the box”!

You are an artist or a “bachatero del mundo”, in passion for bachata, and want to get an exclusive interview? Suggest your authentic bachata story and your specific topic for the interview and get the lights on you!

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