How to make a woman happy on the dancefloor whatever her level/mood?


How to make a woman happy on the dancefloor whatever her level and mood?

Boys and girls here the question of the day. How to make a a woman happy in dancing bachata? Dancing bachata is not selfish. Dancing is a sharing between men and women. Polarity makes the difference and you can decide to act to build a nice connection. Women have expectations and this is interesting to discover some keys and tips to make them the happiest possible. If these tips work most of the time it does not mean it is a reality for all. So take what you can take and use a method today !

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 Invite the woman like a gentleman:

You need to deserve the “yes” from the woman when you invite her for a dance. invite her like if she has the choice to say yes or no. Invite the woman being polite, with a smile and looking at her eyes. make the effort to walk accross the whole dance club if needed and ask for the hand of the lady. This is a date for 4min so you need to seduce and use all your human and gentleman qualities. One day i invited a girl with a rose. I did not care about the people around. Maxi effect, the girl was not a girl anymore, she felt like THE queen ….

Women Really Want to connect: a magical formula…

There is a magical formula that you can aply in every beginning of dance to fully make the woman a queen. She deserves your full attention. She is a woman and she deserves it my friend. During the massage or right after, use these magical words: “How can I make you happy during this dance”? She will be surprised, no one does it so this is a good point for you. Whatever she gives you an answer or not she won’t be attentionless. You get her attention because she feels that finally a man will care of her in the dance. Generally when i ask it the girls answer “mmmm treat me like a woman deserves to be treated” or “just dance” with a good feeling.


Women really need your dance therapy: Your authentic smile is contagious makes her forget her daily issues.

As a dancer, you could set the emotional tone. You just need to smile and be more expressive. Daniel Coleman says in his book Emotional Intelligence: “the ability to drive the emotional state and another person through emotional contagion is the heart of influencing people.”

Don’t Focus On Her Mistakes

Her mistakes are your mistakes. Your mistakes exist and you need to practice to correct it but her mistakes during the dance “do not exist”. Do not have a bad feeling, attitude when there something wrong happening. The best solution is too care even more of her. One mistake from a girl = double care from you to comfort her. The best tip is to use your humour and make her smile.

Women like compliments. Compliment sincerely looking at your lady. This is a date, do not forget it. She wants to forget all the issuees of the daily life, you are maybe the best psychologist. Be positive, Be happy, Be the wildfire that high pop your dance partner.

Women Really Want to be Themselves

What women really want is to express their individuality, to say: ‘this is who I really am, and I’m proud of it.’
Treat your woman right, and everything will be well. Treat your woman wrong and let me just welcome you to hell. She is only looking to enjoy the dance, and you should respect that. If she doesn’t want to be in a closed position, she will make it clear and you should notice. If she is not comfortable with you flirting during the dance, she will also make it clear.

Adapt to her Dance Level & Style

During social dancing, you will dance either with beginner or intermediate to advanced dancers. And please a dancer’s level can change along the night. Maybe the dancer has an advanced level at the beginning of the party and at the end, due to the fatigue, would love to be treated like a beginner with a soft leading and soft combinations. this you can check it in the first minute of the dance. the tip is to look at the partner and observe her moves, reactions, attitude. Then you can adapt the rest of the dance.

The issue here that each follower has a different dancing style, different body type and a different dancing speed and frequency.Consequently, you could adapt your leads. In fact, in case you force your dance partner to an unusual dance routine, there are chances that the dance will be awkward.


Women Really Want to be Beautiful

What women really want is to feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s easy to forget how confident, sexy, elegant, and classy they can be, and even the most self-assured woman needs a reminder from time to time.

Women Want Decisiveness

Common Dance Problem: This is just like dating. The dance version of, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” will ensure that she’ll be busy “washing her hair” the next time you ask her to dance.
The Dance Solution Women Want: You can be polite, without being shy. You are the leader. She wants to dance with someone who has a plan.

Women Want Mystery

Common Dance Problem: Being predictable on the dance floor is about as sexy as a church service.
The Dance Solution Women Want: Women are dance hackers. They can pick up your tendencies and make predictions. Changing up your dance-habits can firewall your repetoire, and have her hanging on your every move.

Women Want You

Whether you’re brand new, or a seasoned dancer, the most important thing she wants on the dance floor is actually YOU – the special man in her life. She will actually take an unmysterious, turn-a-phobic, indecisive dance version of you any day of the week, over some guy at the bar. She wants to dance! So put your umbrella drink down and get on the dance floor tough guy.

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