Your Bachata Success Formula


Your Bachata Success Formula

This simple formula is here to help you understand the importance of taking actions, and practice to become what you really want. using your mind to organize the ideas, and the body as the tool to make it happen.

As Albert Einstein explained in his formula E=mc2, in the material universe everything is energy and energy can be transformed if the speed of light in it changes. In the same way, we can transform our lives if we desire to do so, because we are energy.

Success is a very big word. It means many things to different people, but in essence, success is what we really want in every aspect of our life.

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Explanation of the Bachata Success Formula formula:


In the Einstein Formula, “E” stands for “Rest mass Energy” and explain that everything is energy in the universe. In the formula that i suggest to you, “S” stands for success, and success is all around you and can be attracted to any kind of area of your life. You just need to desire it. Strongly enough to move toward.
In the Einstein Formula, “M” stands for “Mass” explaining that mass is energy at rest. In the formula tat i suggest to you, “M” stands for “Mind” because before someone becomes successful, it has to use the mind, to organize and plan every detail of the journey to that success.

In the Einstein formula, “C2” stands for “Spped of light in a vacuum” explaining that if the speed of light in any mass changes, then the mass will be transformed.In the formula that i suggest to you, “A2” stands for “lot of Action”. Because without action, any planning or thinking does not have meaning in the three dimensional world. And the more the action you take, the more success you can achieve.

Dance success formula

In this formula, S=MA2, S=Success, M=Mind, A2=Lot of Action.

What can you do with this Bachata Success Formula formula?

You can place thi formula where you can see it regularly in order to remind you the importance of taking action. And to give you inspiration to take action every time you look at it.

So, if you desire to become a successful bachata dancer, or even if you already are a bachata dancer, and would like to improve your dance skills and get better and better everyday, then remember this formula and keep taking action.
Never forget that the mind moves the body and in any moment of your journey you make feel like stopping, this means you may need a rest to carry on later, or you may got in the comfort zone.

Ask yourself the question: ” Am I taking enough and the right actions toward my dance goals?”

This simple question will bring you awareness back to continue guiding you to your success.

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