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28 days of dance happiness

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You are destined to experience an exceptional Bachata Dance Life.

You are destined to experience an exceptional dance life. You are destined to have everything you love and desire. You are destined to get on a dance floor and be the dancer you dream of.

If the heart tells you to learn to dance or to perfect yourself, you are destined to do so. You are destined to carry out this ideal.

Every morning when you wake up, you should be filled with excitement because you know that in the evening, the class or dance party will bring you beautiful emotions. You are destined to dance, to laugh, to be a happy dancer. You are destined to feel strong and confident. You are destined to feel good about yourself and appreciate yourself for what you are, knowing that the dancer you are today is priceless.

Of course, you will sometimes experience difficult moments in your dance experience, but you are also destined to go through them, as they will help you grow. But know that you are also destined to know how to overcome these problems and challenges. You are destined for victory! For love! You are destined for happiness through dance! You are destined for an exceptional dance life!

You were not born to fight. You were not born to experience a few moments of joy from time to time. You were not born to sacrifice your money, your time and yourself in a dance studio and experience only brief moments of happiness in the evening. You were not born to be with no vitality, to feel exhausted from your work day whereas the dance evening approaches. You were not born as a person and dancer to worry or be afraid. You don’t dance to suffer. Why else would you dance?

You are destined to fully bite into your dance life, to overflow with joy, health, vitality, excitement and love, because this is what a dancer’s life is all about: an exceptional life that acts as a booster in all areas of your life.

The dance path of your dreams, everything you want to be, do or have, has always been closer to you than you think, because the power to be a happy dancer, even facing the storm and adversity, is within you already. You just do not know it yet.

In this program, I want to point you in the way of an extraordinary dance life. You will discover something incredible about yourself. Being a happy dancer is easier than you think, and as you understand its gears and the power that resides within you, you will experience the magic of the dance experience in its quintessence, and it will be the beginning of a new era for you. A new perspective.

Evolution in bachata by chance or transformation is a choice?


Life is simple. Your dancing journey is made up of two kinds of things: negative and positive. Each dance experience is either negative or positive for you.

If the negative outweighs the positive in your life as a dancer, then there is something wrong and you know it. This is referred to as “emotional bankruptcy”. You see the other dancers happy and fulfilled, whose lives are full, and something tells you that you deserve to live like this. And you’re right, you do deserve a life of abundant dancing.

Most dancers who have a wonderful dance life are not always aware of what they have done to get it. But they did something. They have used the power that is at the root of all that is good in life.

Every dancer, without exception, who has an extraordinary dance life has used the mindset of gratitude to achieve this. The power to attract all the good things in dance is gratitude!  Because when you are in gratitude, you use the greatest power of the universe.

We are living in a period of great change. We must rediscover the true human nature, the one that is dynamic, full of joy and laughter.

To me, we were all born to be a happy and fulfilled dancer. A dancer who doubts and fears is a dancer who is a victim of the life he represents himself. In addition, it is destructive to oneself and the dance community. For a lasting healing and a real change, we need to heal some wounded aspects of ourselves and return to good habits. It is a challenge that is taken step by step. I repeat because it is important: step by step.

Invest on the most important bachata dancer in this planet: you !


No matter who and where you are, no matter what is your current dance situation, the magic of gratitude will change your life and dancer’s one altogether!

Gratitude can magically transform your relationships into joyful and meaningful relationships, no matter what their current nature are now for you. It can magically make you more prosperous. Gratitude will improve your health and bring you more intense happiness than ever before. The magic of gratitude will accelerate your dance aspirations, increase the number of your successes and fulfill your dreams. Indeed, whatever you want to be, do or have in dance, gratitude is the key to achievement. The power of gratitude transforms your dance experience into gold.

It is by expressing your gratitude that you will understand how some things went wrong in your dancing experience. By making gratitude a way of life from now on, you will feel as light as a feather and happier than ever. There may be obstacles in your path, but you will know how to overcome them and learn from them..

​”My fears disappeared…”“​​After these 28 days I feel much better, much more self-confident and free in my soul.
Definitely yes, I could focus on my dance life from the other perspective than before and it enabled me to gain much more happiness, freedom and all the good feeling in my (not only) dance life.More important, this program has helped me to make disappears some of my fears. All my fears related to my dancing competences,  and myself on the dance floor. It disappeared because I found out that the  most important thing is to be yoursel, and not to try to be somebody else. I learnt to avoid comparing with other dancers, as it says nothing about me and my dancing soul. Moreover, I do not need to be best on the technique, I just need to be better myself than I was yesterday. Ans this happened. ”
Iva Z. (​Dance lover)

Do you really believe in your potential in dance?


Remember when you were a child, you looked at life with boundless wonder. Life was magical and exciting, and the smallest things seemed exciting to you. You were fascinated by a blade of grass dressed in frost, the flight of a butterfly, a leaf or a stone with strange shapes.

Your heart was overflowing with joy, your imagination had no limits and you believed that life was magical. As a child, we had this exquisite feeling that everything was good, that every day was a promise of strong emotions and adventure and that nothing could ever tarnish the joy that all this magic brought us. But the child has become an adult. And the responsibilities, problems and difficulties have wreaked chaos by bringing their share of disillusionment. And the magic in which we once believed has faded and disappeared. This is one of the reasons why we love the company of children because they allow us to relive those emotions that we once had, if only for a moment.

I am here to tell you that the magic you once believed in is true. And that the perception of disillusioned adult life is false. The magic of life is real. In fact, life can be even more extraordinary than you thought when you were a child. More amazing, more awesome than anything you’ve ever known. When you know how to attract magic into your dance life, you will know that your dreams exist. And then you will wonder how you could have stopped believing in the magic of life.

You will never know exactly how everything will fit together to make your dreams come true, because magic works in an invisible dimension, and that is what is exciting.

Are you ready to reconnect with magic? Are you ready to feel amazed every day, like when you were a child? Then get ready to welcome the magic


Is attitude as much important than step?


The answer to this mystery that has escaped so many people over the centuries is found in a single word that has been obscured: gratitude. “Be rich in gratitude and he will know abundance, be poor in gratitude and the world will impoverish you”.

For to every dancer who has gratitude, it will be given again and he will be in abundance. But to the one who has no gratitude, we will even take away what he has”.

If you don’t take time to express gratitude, you will never get more and you will lose what you have. And the promise of the magic that gratitude will bring is found in these words: “if you feel gratitude, you will be given more and you will know abundance“.

It is a fundamental law in the science of the universe.

Beyond dance, a universal law:

Gratitude is subject to a law that governs your entire dance life. According to the law of attraction or the power of intention, you attract everything you think and feel.

If you think “I’m a bad dancer”, “I can’t get this step”, “They’re good and I’m bad”, “The evening will give me more disillusionment“, you intensify these experiences and attract them more.

But if you think about what inspires gratitude such as: “I love the dancer I am”, “I love the dancer I have become”, “I love dancing”, “I love my dance community”, “This dance evening was fantastic”, “I feel lucky to have this dance teacher and dance partner”, and that your recognition is sincere, the law of attraction stipulates that you will attract more of these benefits in your dance journey. Just as the magnet attracts metal, gratitude is magnetic. And the more gratitude you feel, the more abundance you attract into your life. It is a universal law.

You have certainly heard the following adages: “Whoever sows the wind reaps the storm”, “We reap what we sow” and “Give and you will receive”. They all describe the same law and a principle of the universe discovered by the great scientist, Isaac Newton.

Newton’s discoveries include the fundamental laws of motion in the universe, one of which states: “Every action is opposed by a reaction of equal force

Each action of expressing gratitude leads to an equal opposite reaction of receiving. Your recognition will always be returned to you in equal quantities. The expression of his gratitude therefore triggers a return of things! And the more sincere and deeply grateful you are, the more you will receive in return.

Mohammed, Buddha, Lao-tzu, Krishna, King David, Jesus, the Aborigines of Australia, the Masais and Zulus of Africa, the Navajos and the Shawnees of America, all have validated the law and the concept of gratitude for centuries.

History is full of famous people who have integrated gratitude into their way of life, who were elevated by their achievements to the rank of the most exceptional human beings who have never lived: Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, Shakespeare, Lincoln, Newton, Einstein and many others.

Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries have changed the way we see the universe. When asked about his immense achievements, he gave credit to others.


How to live a dance life which really inspires you? Answer here…


Any aspect of your life as a failing dancer is linked to a lack of gratitude. It’s simple: when you lack gratitude, you can’t receive in return. To receive, you must give. It’s the law. Gratitude is about offering thanks. When you are ungrateful, you take, you assume that all this is due.

Remember: “Anyone who does not feel gratitude will have what he or she has taken away“.

You have certainly shown gratitude on various occasions in your life, but to see magic bring a radical change in your current situation, you must give thanks at all times and make gratitude your new way of life.

The magic formula: “Knowledge is a treasure, but it is use that is the key“.

To bring magic into your life as a dancer, a dancer must first pronounce the “magic word“. First you have to say the magic word: “thank you“. I will never be able to say how important the word “thank you” is, if you want to have a more fulfilling dance life.

It must become your identity.

The magic formula:

⦁ Think and deliberately say the magic word, thank you.

⦁ The more you think and deliberately say the magic word, thank you, the more gratitude you will feel.

⦁ The more you think and deliberately experience gratitude, the more you will receive in abundance.

Gratitude is a feeling. So the ultimate goal is to feel this gratitude deliberately and as strongly as possible. Newton’s law is about giving and giving: you will receive the equivalent of what you give. So, if you increase your sense of gratitude, your life will be the scene of events equivalent to the strength of that feeling! The more authentic your gratitude is, the more sincerely grateful you will be, the sooner your well-being in your dance life will improve.

When you see how little practice this requires and how easy it is to integrate gratitude into your dance experience, and you see the magical results, you will never want to go back to your old dance life.

If you show a little gratitude, your dance life will change a little. If you experience a lot of it every day, your life will change dramatically in ways you can hardly imagine.

28 days of dance happiness



Happy dancers are grateful dancers 😉





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