Let’s talk sincerely about the ugly truth about dancing bachata? You will see, it is more positive than it looks…

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If you read this article…

You’re probably one of the most ambitious dancers.
Of those who refuse to endure a passive and mediocre dance journey…
And who want to build a deep and inspiring dance life for themselves.

Am I wrong?
Do you also have the desire to be the pilot of your dance life?

I have something to tell you…
I danced with Renata.
It was in Brno, Czech Republic, 2014.
The people saw, I was dancing hot with a gorgeous lady..

What they could not see is that… I’was not smiling at all….
Apparently I was a successful dancer, maybe at this time I was at the top of my success in dance… but inside I was going through a real hell.

In fact, I spent many years lying to myself.

I was sure that being a successful dancer would bring me:
-the ability to make my partners happy….
-the power in my dance community….
-the pass to be welcome in and out of the dancefloor…
-a fulfillment….

I was damn wrong!

I was lost in a huge ego, unable to assert myself positively in front of others ; permanently paralyzed by the fear of being judged, criticized or blamed. So I remained uncomfortable with the dancer I had become.

I complied with the expectations of those around me, never daring to make the right decisions for myself.

Seen from the outside

I was a nice, smiling guy and good dancer so people didn’t care that much about me.

But inside

I was consumed with frustration.
I was hiding an anger I didn’t dare to express.
I felt trapped in an endless internal conflict.

Success should drive me to happiness in dance or should it be the opposite ?

I was lost….

One thing is sure, if I keep going like that, nothing will change

I realized that just dancing & dancing a lot does not make you a dancer.
To be a dancer, I needed to build and reinforce my dance spirit.
Hard for the ego….
A lesson to learn….
I thought that only my crazy tricks and combinations would have given me the respect by other dancers.
My present and future in dance was in total blur.

But one day I had the light

Looking in the mirror…
I was ashamed of myself.
I realized I was wasting my time.
And that I needed a good kick in the ass to wake me up.
And it was time to make a choice:
To live as a dancer who “knows everything” or to turn it into a dancer « who wants to learn everything”, starting by the dance spirit….

I finally got off my ass and buildt a new meaningful dance journey of happiness.

And for the first time

I’ve decided to create a dance journey which REALLY inspires me.
I’ve decided to be a happy dancer before being a successful dancer.
To finally say “FUCK” to the look of others.
And to set myself in motion to change my dance reality.
I promised to myself : it will be a 360-degree-change.

I decided to invest on me to give more to the others around.
I launched my blog Bachata Influence.
I decided to give and stop requiring…
As a dancer, as a teacher, as Dj, as a blogger, as a lecturer.

I have adopted the rules of gratitude and love in the field of dance…
… and raised my ambition upper than before….but with the right mindset the perspective changed.

Nowadays, several years after this period

My life is light years away from everything I described above.
I continued investing in my dance technique and learning…
I worked a lot on myself, it was not easy at all but this made the difference …
I have become a dancer who always feels good ; I live my passion while inspiring thousands of people every day.
I am a happy and successful dancer with a healthy dance spirit. I turned my poor dance spirit into a “millionaire” dance spirit.
I am welcome in my dance community like never before, wherever I travel & dance…
I started delivering live conferences about how to build a real dance spirit and I am so happy to see the light of happiness and liberation of the audience on their face during and after the conference.
I have surrounded myself with ambitious and caring dancers, my social connection is more fulfilled than ever.
That’s what I call… a customized dance journey.

Maybe you also have this desire

You want to build your own customized  dance life.
An inspiring and fulfilled life, that you have chosen for yourself…
In which you wake up every day with a heart filled with passion and enthusiasm.
Become a true super dancer…

Become a Bachat’heroe and explode your big goals like a rocket. Humanize your dance and your dance journey.

The first step

…you have done it, you read this thought.

Did you like this personal though?


Leave me a message…



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