Girls : ask men to dance bachata with you.


“Don’t stay miserably on the side while the Dj is playing your favorite song, dance bachata”

Dance Bachata and do not stay isolated. Yes girls you have super power and many of you tend to neglect it by ego or “stereotypes”. Your super power is the following: you are able to invite a man to dance bachata with you to boost your dance experience/journey in general. You have the power to choose the “who”, the “when”, the “where” and the “what”.

Indeed, there is a stereotype saying “The man has to invite a lady for a dance”.  And on the other hand, women are asking for a (well deserved) equality in the society, right? So, what about spreading gender equality on the dancefloor too?

Inviting a man for a bachata dance is a power because:

  • you control your experience, your reality.
  • you choose which one you want to dance with.
  • you make a decision and assume your “inner masculine essence”.
  • you allow yourself to enjoy when your best songs are played.
  • you invite a boy and there is more chance to be invited by the boy.
  • you assume the fact you are a social dancer able to accept a dance and invite for a dance.

Of course, I understand, the reality is not easy. I see too many girls aside waiting for 1,2,3 songs. When the desire for dancing is burning… To have a beautiful dress, great perfume, amazing dance shoes are welcome but this is not sufficient: the mindset makes the difference in the dance experience.

So, this article is done to improve your dance experience by using the right mindset on the dancefloor.

Are you ready?  Let’s go!

Dance bachata

1/ Men like being asked to dance bachata:

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with asking a guy to dance bachata.  You are a decent follower, social person and you have brushed your teeth right?  So really, what do you frankly have to complain about? Not much! Experience the liberation and the freedom girls!!! .Go on, I dare you. Ask a guy you’ve never danced with for a dance. Watch his face light up in mild surprise> do you see any anger or resentment going on there? Probably not. Make the following experience during the next latin party and ask to 10 guys to dance with you and see the result. Happiness, fun, sharing, smile.

Yes, men like being invited. And I say it with no ego. The man is feeling recognition, appreciation, power of attraction, interest. You make him simply happy. And if the man has a minimum stock of gratitude, he will give you back naturally. The man can warmly thank you for the dance, invite you right after the first dance or just later. He will have a good impression about you, a good image of you.

2/ Don’t stay miserably aside and invite a man to dance bachata!

“I am a shy person and I prefer to wait for someone to ask me for a dance

Indeed, if you feel you are a shy person and you let that image of yourself stop you from asking someone for a dance: then you may spend the whole night without a dance. And it could happen that someone next to you maybe thinking exactly the same. In the end, we go to bachata places to dance and have fun right? It requires you nothing else than breaking the ice with…yourself. Think about it; “what would be the worst thing ever after inviting a man for a dance?”. Just a “no” right? But what about accepting 1 “no” for 9 “yes”? 😉 Do it with your best smile and read this article 😉

3/ Be selfish and invite your favorite male to dance bachata!

“I am a beginner, I prefer to dance with beginners”. If you are beginner, perhaps you should consider that your best way to grow is experiencing dancing, your experiences are with someone who already knows what you need to learn. And believe me, many male dancers will be happy to help you if you ask.  It is our natural nature to help someone. Dancing bachata, like playing an instrument is a very spiritual activity, and this means that you will be sensitive enough to help someone else if they need help. And if you want to dance, and you are a beginner, then you have many people around you to help you, just ask and you will be given.

Men; if you are an advanced dancer, be kind and take enjoyment from dancing with beginners and make sure they feel at ease. No-one is asking you to spend your whole night dancing  with them, but always accept to dance with beginners/improvers when you go out. You were also a beginner

4/ Think about the journey not the result!

“I am not good enough and I need to improve before I ask thank If you think you are not good, and you need to improve before asking someone for a dance, you should perhaps consider, that like everything else in life, to learn to dance bachata is not about the destination, it is the journey that you will really enjoy.

Indeed, there is always something new to learn, and new creations always come to light. And after all, the best way to learn is by practicing. Go to invite a boy for a dance and practice your listening and following in Bachata. Get the experience, improve your essence and be a better version of yourself after every invitation. Every invitation is a pass for your progress and well-being at the end.

5/ Be an inspiration and invite beginners!

“I am good and only dance with good dancer”.

Then, if you think you are very good and invite only the good dancers, you are cutting yourself from the beautiful experience of teaching and helping others. The more you are able to show, teach, the more you learn. You never know who can give you an idea to create a new move. There are 5 steps of learning: silence, listen, practice, understand and teach. Clearly, once you know something, the best way to keep it with you is giving it to someone else because the more you teach, the more you practice what you know. Knowledge in bachata is like happiness. It something that grows when is shared with more people. Don’t be unreachable.Helping others is helping yourself.

Your experience matters:

  • Girls, do you have an opinion about inviting a man for a dance? Is there something I missed?
  • Boys, how much do you like when a girl invites you for a bachata?
  • Please leave your thoughts in the comment and provide us your good practices 😉






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