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​​How To Be Welcome In Your Dance Community?


​​EVERY DANCER ​​is living within a local and internatonal dance community.

​But rare are those who ​are investing on the  ​positive & social ​influence.

NO ONE KNOWS it can be done ​with only 5 secrets.

​Those tools are your new present actions and your future fantastic benefits.

Are you ready to be welcome by your peers anytime and anywhere ?

​Are you ​getting ​all the results you desire after all your efforts?

Do we all have the capacity to be welcome in your dance community?

Or maybe the question is “Do we all have THE SAME capacity to be welcome in your dance community?”. The answer is: “NO”. Some people are naturally sociable, confident and cheerful with people.

But I have a good news for you: THIS IS TEACHABLE, you can LEARN IT, you can TRAIN to be more accepted in your dance community ​.

All of you have already experienced this reality in a period of your life: you feel you are not 100% welcome in your dance community, yes?

Your story matters: I would like you to think about your dream as a dancer? See yourself as the dancer of your dream. Feel it. What do you feel seeing yourself being the dancer of your dream? Feel the emotion of being proud of yourself, joy, happiness, fun, the people applause you, you are an inspiration for dancers…

And now, the question is: Can you do it alone? No…you need people around you to give you inspiration, to train you, to support you, to applause you, to congratulate you.

So, what is the plan to be more welcome in your dance community? 

How to be a dancer/DJ/teacher/organizer/influencer with a positive social impact and influence? 

 What can you do NOW , NOT TOMORROW, NOT IN 1 WEEK which can generate result NOW?

How can we go from a shy person or a person with a big ego to a person very welcome in his dance community? Ladies and gentleman, welcome on board ​.

​​​Do not ​get even a temporary isolation anymore. Make the choice ​to consciously use the tools ​of the positive social influence! You spend much more time connected with your dance community than you dance. Start reinvesting on yourself smartly and transform your relationships. Let me tell you 5 secrets in the exclusive...



"​​How To Be Welcome In Your Dance Community" ! 

​The Secret To Be Welcome In Any Dancefloors in the World...


​Here is the plan...

Secret 1: "Incivility VS civility"

Secret 2: “If you want to gather honey, do not kick over the BEEHIVE” 

Secret 3: "The biggest secret of human relationships"

Secret 4: "If you want to be rejected: do not follow this secret"

Secret 5: "How to be welcome anywhere in the world?"

I ​assume it is a teasing for you but i am sure you understand that I cannot say more since i let you discover everything in the live conference.

This conference is pragmatical, this is not a theory.

You will leave the conference being reinforced. With a new energy and state of mind. You will be ready to act for your well being and not anymore for what the society or dance community wants you to become.

Who am I?
I am Mohamed Aissa, in passion for Bachata dance & Personal Development. I am the founder of Bachata Influence "Dance Bachata & Boost your happiness in life".

I have delivered 2 conferences till now:
-How to be a good bachata dancer in 7 phases?
-How to ​launch your personal search of success in dance?

The philosophy i have for you is:

 "To grow as a dancer, you need to grow as a person and then act in your dance environment". ​

Get the transformation that will make you being ​welcome more than ever before !

Mohamed Aissa Bachata Influence

About What You'll Get

​Conference ​: 

​The full live conference in video



The Ebook version​

Summary of the conference 10 pages

​What ​Happy Dancers Are Saying...

About the Author: Mohamed AISSA

​Dancer, Teacher, Lecturer, Blogger in passion for Bachata.

I have the desire to improve the experience of the dancers around me. I have got so much happiness from dancing. Now it is your turn. I show you all what I learnt and give you the opportunity to learn in 1 month what I discovered in 10 years of fails and successes.

“​Happiness in dance is real when it comes from your inner inside and is contagious when shared.”

Mohamed AISSA​

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