Interview: Alex Alberola & Laura Garcia


Interview: Alex Alberola & Laura Garcia

Alex & Laura

Bachata Influence is a real space of guidance where we share the best practices, recommendations, and educational processes in the Bachata area. To give a value-added, I am going to the International Congresses of bachata to meet up some inspiring artists. The aim is to provide a ”To Do Bachata”, “To be Bachata” in connection with our common objective: to dance bachata and boost our happiness in life by dancing.

In the first Vienna Congress, organized by Sergio & Beige in September 2018, I had the opportunity to meet for you Alex Alberola & Laura Garcia, international bachata artists from Spain, Barcelona.  I personally appreciate a lot their dance pedagogy,  their mentality of dancers ,the quality of their dance shows and workshops.  I have met them several times in Madrid for the international congress of Bachatea, in Prague for Bachata Magic festival, in Brno for a special sensual week end and today in central Europe in the beautiful Vienna for the 1st Bachata Congress.

Alex Alberola is the founder of the Ballroom Salsa dance company since late 2010. In its beginnings, it was originated as a Salsa On1 and Ballroom Dance company, later specializing in Bachatango and Bachata Sensual. Alex teaches Bachata Sensual and Bachatango at dance events since 2010. Today, Alex Alberola and his current partner Laura Garcia travel around the world with their inspiring shows and workshops at the best international bachata congresses. Alex Alberola and Laura García (Alex & Laura) have been international judges and organizers of several Bachata competitions, including the Costa Daurada Bachata Festival, Bachata Open, Bachatastars, Street Bachata, and Bachatarte. Alex has also been judge World Latin Dance Cup in Limburg and Israel, World Bachata Masters several years and is actually official judge for Bachatastars International competition (including the World Finals). More info, here, the official website of Alex Alberola.

By this exclusive interview, Bachata Influence gives you the possibility to know more about the international artists. Behind a dancer, there is a human being with values. This interview, gives you tips, recommendations, and feedback about how to dance bachata and boost your happiness.

Why do you love Bachata? What is Sensual Bachata?

In the first part, we introduce Alex & Laura. For your information, the day before the interview during the Saturday’s gala, Korke & Judith have underlined the importance of Alex & Laura on the Bachata scene. It has been said, they have traditional principles of bachata they spread in the world. And in one time they have the capacity to adapt to the new evolution of Bachata. This mix makes them original and internationally appreciated by the dancers, students, and worldwide artists. From Salsa to Bachata, Alex explains to us why he fell in love with Bachata. If you see my story here, I also started with salsa before enjoying ma passion for Bachata. For more details click below the part 1/6.

How to be a good beginner dancer of bachata? How to improve your dance connection?

We are all a “beginner forever” right? This is the way of Mastering the bachata discipline. Bachata is a long journey and everybody is on the same line. Listen to the wise recommendations of Alex Alberola. He gives you a direction, some tips and mistakes you should avoid if you dance bachata. Bachata is a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time, be patient and follow a methodology. Basic first and the ”cool steps” then. Get also some precious recommendations about creating a connection in your bachata dance. Musicality is a key, listen to Alex Alberola carefully and try it on the dancefloor. I personally mike so much the musicality workshops from Alex & Laura, I have learned a lot and the result is immediate thanks to their good pedagogy. More info? Click below for the part 2/6 and 3/6 together.

How to be a good leader-follower in Bachata?

Have you ever asked this question to your partner, teacher or yourself? Explore here the valuable tips from Alex Alberola. Be precise, relax and enjoy your leading or following. All the details here below part 4/6.

How to enjoy at parties (social dancing)?

We dance to fully enjoy during the Latin parties or party congresses right? There are no written rules but some recommendations connected with human values and good manners can help you to boost your happiness in social dance. The last part about “express, do not impress” is precious. Social dancing is not a “stage” or a “show”. Dance basic with a shiny smile is better than complicated stuff without dancing for the partner. More here click on the part 5/6, all the tips are super precious…

Dance bachata and boost your happiness in your life!

This topic is the base of our Bachata dance journey. How can bachata create happiness? Listen to Alex Alberola and boost your positive emotions and sensations on the dancefloor. For more curiosity click below the part 6/6 is now yours…

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More interviews are already done and some already planned with the most inspiring dancers of Bachata in the world.

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