Interview: Sergio & Beige International Bachata Artists


Interview: Sergio & Beige International Bachata Artists and Organizers of the 1st Bachata Congress in Vienna.

Welcome to Vienna, a city of Romance in central Europe.  Vienna has a unique charm and signature in Europe.  Even if culture and history are strong, Vienna remains “open-minded” and still growing by the influence of new ideas and new concepts.

Imagine matching the romance of the city and the romance of Bachata. Imagine launching a crazy idea in January 2018 and realize it comes true in September the same year. Yes, 9 months later the baby is born…

Welcome to the 1st Bachata Congress of Vienna, “where romance happens”.

As a Bachata dancer and influencer, I feel honored to attend such event. A flow of positive emotions is getting my mind: hope, optimism, discovery, curiosity. This is the first edition ever so the 1st time is always important. I have already visited many congresses in Europe and in one time I have the feeling I will be positively surprised by this experience. And you know what? It happened…

When I left the festival on Sunday after the last party, I felt very good. I left with great memories, positive feelings and gratitude to have met great people and dancers.  I would like to deeply thank Sergio & Beige the 2 organizers of the event.  After years of working internationally separately, Sergio & Beige joined forces in Vienna and now spread their “Sensual energy” together. I also would like to underline the positive energy created by all the international artists who are like us, real bachata Lovers: Korke & Judith, Sergio & Ana, Alex & Laura, Levi & Estrella, Gabor & Ana, Dj Evelyna la Negra, Dj Khalid, and all others.


sergio and beige

As a witness, I always measure a bachata congress by the smiles, amusement and enthusiasm people are sharing during the festival.  I found out, all the people, beginners, intermediates, advanced, artists were all in one place with the same desire: to socialize, to get a dance connection, to fully enjoy a moment of freedom and fun.

I feel lucky to have gone there and even more honored when Sergio & Beige accepted to personally meet for an interview, the last day of the festival.

So, bachateros and bachateras, I also invite you for this interview. Let’s click on “pause” and let’s connect the authentic bachata passion Sergio & Beige have to offer you.

Why do you love Bachata? What is Sensual Bachata?

In this first part we are curious about the feeling of the organizers. We are on sunday, end of morning right after the amazing night of saturday. They are still in the “organization mode” and in one time they feel so good for what happened so far. For some people, it was the first congress of bachata in their life which is precious. We always remember our first time right? 😉

Sergio & Beige open their bachata passion for you. They have a specific background and their own bachata story. They are both witnesses of the incredible rise of bachata dance and community in the world. All the artists are growing together and are personal friends. Yes Bachata is an opportunity to socialize with no barriers. I invite you to discover more about their bachata passio. it will improve your bachata culture and knowledge. Watch the video below and appreciate as I do, their precious experience.

Tips to be a good bachata learner, a good follower and leader.

We are all a “beginner forever” right? This is the way of Mastering the bachata discipline. Bachata is a long journey and everybody is on the same line. Listen to the wise recommendations of Sergio & Beige. They give you a direction, some tips and mistakes you should avoid if you dance bachata. Bachata is a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time, be patient and follow a methodology. Go to the classes, practise and enjoy. Build confidence by being consistent and open yourself to the people, do not be shy. Everybody can dance with everybody.

I invite you to discover more about their bachata tips and recommendations. Watch the video below and appreciate their precious experience about “how to be good follower” and “how to be a good leader” in bachata.

Process of learning bachata, Bachata mindset & Happiness.

Every dancer can learn from everybody. It is about the journey, not about the destination. Do not speed up the process and enjoy all the stages you belong to. Do not copy, remain yourself.

I invite you to discover more about their bachata tips and recommendations about the process of learning bachata, how to enjoy during the parties and get happiness from dancing bachata. Watch the video below and appreciate their precious feedback.

Bachata influence with sergio & beige

Bachata Influence is a real space of guidance where we share the best practices, recommendations, and educational processes in the Bachata area. To give a value-added, I am going to the International Congresses of bachata to meet up some inspiring artists. The aim is to provide a ”To Do Bachata”, “To be Bachata” in connection with our common objective: to dance bachata and boost our happiness in life by dancing.

By this exclusive interview, Bachata Influence gives you the possibility to know more about the international artists. Behind a dancer, there is a human being with values. This interview, gives you tips, recommendations, and feedback about how to dance bachata and boost your happiness. I sincerely thank Sergio & Beige for their time, passion for bachata and humanity. During the congress i also have the opportunity to get a special interview with Alex & Laura, more info here. More adventure with bachata Influence very soon, so stay connected bachata lovers.

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Bachata hugs,

Mohamed Aissa

Founder of Bachata Influence


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