Mohamed Aissa

Dancer , Teacher, Happiness Coach

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Yvain G

Mohamed Aissa

Dancer , Teacher, Happiness Coach

My name is Mohamed Aissa and I am in passion for Bachata dance, music & personal development. My mission is to help you to fully get the benefits of dancing bachata in your life. Bachata is an injection of happiness everyday.

I give you all what i have learnt to make you a better version of the dancer you are. However. I would like to tell you I do not have a “miracle method” to be a good bachata dancer within the next 24 hours.

If I could wave my magic wand and your Bachata would magically appear, I would. Since I do not have a magic wand nor can I tell you what to do, the best thing I can do is tell you what I did and what i learnt.

My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concreet tips. My big curiosity for self-development and Bachata are matching here with Bachata Influence.

Mind+Action= Success! Develop your potential as a person & dancer is the key for an advancing journey. With some little actions and adjustments, you can improve your experience with your dance, music and your community around. The aim is to do not be the best dancer, but to be an Happier dancer.

Are you ready to start today? 1…2…3…Let’s go !!!

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Manlio Messina

Mohamed has a great passion and technique, and enthusiasm. His training is unique and brings you to upper level in terms of enabling not only a better technique but understanding the spirit of dancing bachata than means understanding personal capacities and that nothing is really impossible for who dance

Manlio Messina Bachata Dancer (Italy)


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  • Why is it so important to dream as a dancer?
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  • Why is choosing the best teacher so much important?
  • What is the top key routine to progress everyday?
  • How to get a peaceful dance journey?
  • Why should you go out of your comfort zone?
  • Why will a positive dancer always have the advantage ?

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