What are the different levels of dancing bachata, and why should they be respected? ;)


What are the different levels of dance, and why should they be respected?

What are the different levels of dancing bachata? One day we discover Latin dances. Whether it is during the summer, watching the enthusiastic dancers in one of the squares or by participating in an open class at a party. We discover a joyful atmosphere in which we want to participate. So we want to learn to move on Latin music. Fortunately, parties usually offer open classes. And dance schools offer classes for those who wish to follow a regular education. At this point, it is obvious to start by taking a beginner level course. Then comes the beginning of a more or less long apprenticeship. I say more or less because depending on the knowledge already acquired in dance, the student will have more or less to learn. In order to evolve well, it is therefore necessary to be able to evaluate your own level. But above all, it is necessary to follow the teaching at the appropriate pace.


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The different levels of dance in Bachata

In Latin dance circles, the learning cycle is often divided into 4 stages: beginner, intermediate, advanced and master.

The beginner level

For each of the dances, the beginner level represents the level of learning the basics of dance (see the importance of the basics). It is about learning the basic steps and passes, but not only. It is also during this stage that we learn to dance while respecting the rhythm of the music. In addition to this, to be able to dance in the evening, it is also necessary to have a good basic connection with your partner, and to acquire good stability and balance of the body. For this reason, these points are also covered at the beginner level.

The intermediate level:

When the basics of dance are perfectly learned, it is possible to add elements to beautify it. Some more complex passes are taught. The teaching will also focus on the connection and add details and style elements. Concerning music, the teaching focuses on the work of musicality.

The advanced level

The basics must be perfectly mastered to be able to follow a course at this level. And with the knowledge acquired in the intermediate level courses, it is then possible to seek to challenge yourself in the advanced level courses. Musicality, movement and passing must be precise. It allows you to add more complex techniques and even more style to your dance. It is also at this level that dancers will dare to bring creativity to their dance.

The master level

This is about seeking perfection. Of course, this level is only available to experienced dancers. The dancer has developed his own style and is used to bringing complex passes to his dance. Of course, to be able to carry them out, a perfectly precise guidance is essential. The master level consists in learning very well worked passes, which requires a great ability to coordinate movements as well as to pay close attention to details. The dancers will be able to express their emotions with the help of beautiful musicality and cutting-edge creativity.

Why do you have to take your time to follow the learning steps?

Quality learning takes time. Unfortunately, we are often impatient to acquire the level necessary to be able to dance in the evening. And that is the opposite of quality.

Know how to take your time to learn correctly bachata

It cannot be said too often that learning a very good foundation is essential. This is why it is advisable for all dancers to follow the beginner classes in a rigorous way. Learning the basics usually requires taking beginner courses for one year. Very often, the apprentice dancer fails this apprenticeship. Unfortunately, following this, he will very quickly face difficulties.
In the intermediate courses, he will add new techniques to a light base.

Due to a lack of stability, a lack of rhythm or imprecise guidance, he or she will fail. In the evening, both the boy and the girl will have difficulty making the passes. And if they are achieved, it will be to the detriment of some beauty of the movement.

But it is especially during advanced level courses that the difficulties are obvious. In order to be able to take courses at this level, it is necessary to have extensive experience in the practice of social dancing. Because the complexity of the advanced level technique makes it difficult to reproduce the passes in the evening.

The greatest barrier to learning bachata is the natural tendency to overvalue yourself

Charles Darwin stated that “ignorance more frequently generates self-confidence than does knowledge”. On this theme, two American psychologists named David Dunning and Justin Krugger were able to demonstrate the effect of incompetence. As an hypothesis, they had stipulated that:

⦁        the incompetent dancer tends to overestimate his or her level of competence;
⦁        It fails to recognize the competence of those who truly possess it;
⦁        the incompetent dancer fails to realize his or her degree of incompetence;
⦁        if training these dancers leads to a significant improvement in their competence, they will then be able to recognize and accept their previous shortcomings.

Of course, these hypotheses could be verified. The result is a very interesting graph to remember, please take 3 min to understand it:

dunning-kruger_effectApplying this curve to dance learning, it is easy to understand that the novice and intermediate dancers have a strong tendency to overvalue themselves. This often involves dancers who perceive themselves as intermediate or advanced level dancers.

Learning Bachata

Learning to dance is a long way. It is exciting. Moreover, the pleasure of dancing increases with its level of dance. So you mightfollow the right process and don’t hesitate to go back. By returning to the level that corresponds to us if necessary, we give ourselves the chance to know, one day, how to dance very well. Let’s not rush the process and we’ll have the biggest fun on the dance floor.

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