Who are Marcelo & Belen?


Who are Marcelo & Belen?

Marcelo y Belen

Presentation Marcelo & Belen

Who are Marcelo y Belen?

Marcel Alcaraz was born on February 8, 1981 in Villa Mercedes, Argentina. Marcelo tells us that he discovered his talent at the age of 23, when his girlfriend wanted to take him to Tango dancing. Later, Marcelo’s girlfriend left him, but he continued to learn dance (salsa) until he got to know the rhythms of Latin music. It was only in 2010 that he began to dance Bachata.
Marcelo then decided to leave his native village and move to Buenos Aires. Then, quickly, he decided to move permanently to Spain. Once in Spain, Marcelo and his current dance partner presented themselves at the BachataStar in 2012 and very quickly decided to participate in their first world championship.

Maria Belén Tejedor was born in 1995 in El Palomar, Argentina. She started dancing, with jazz, at the age of 7. At the age of 15, she started classical dance and a few years later, she took contemporary dance classes. Among her training as a dancer, we also find Tango. In 2014, she started dancing Latin dances.

It is during a classical dance class that Marcelo and Belén meet. Shortly after meeting, they decided to run for the world championship. And while they are unknown to the general public, they become world champions from their first appearance at the World Bachata Master in 2017. Marcelo says of Belén, that a large part of their current success is due to the high level of dance they demonstrate.

In 2018, during the World Bachata Master, held in Madrid in February. They finished in a very good second place..

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