Who are Marco & Sara?


Who are Marco & Sara?

Marco & Sara

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Marco Espejo Nunez:

Marco is a Peruvian dancer, born in Trujilo (Peru) in 1988. He started learning Peruvian dance and music while he was still in Peru. He also learned to play the saxophone.

At the age of 18, Marco moved to Huelva, Spain. That’s where he took Latin music lessons. Then at the age of 21, in Madrid, Marco started participating in Bachata competitions with his first partner Elisa Toimil. Shortly afterwards, he won several regional competitions with Elisa Garcia. He then began to participate in national competitions. In September 2012, Marco and Sara Panero formed a couple that won two national competitions. Together, they created their own professional company, called “Esencia”. Then he collaborates with Marzia Licciardello, an Italian dancer and this collaboration takes him to an international level. At the end of 2016, the Marco & Sara couple started working together again.

Sara Panero:

Sara is a Spanish dancer born in Salamanca, Spain, in 1993. Since she was 7 years old, she has trained in several dance disciplines such as Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance and Hip Hop. At the age of 16, she began learning Latin dances such as Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. At the age of 18, after completing her secondary education,

Sara decided to continue her studies at the Fortéa Dance Conservatory in Madrid, specializing in Classical Ballet. Sara continued her studies for 3 years and also studied Latin music. In 2012, she began dancing with her first partner, Ronald Jara, with whom she participated in the Africadancar in Lisbon. Several months later, she joined the Bachatéa Dance Company, and was successful in several national competitions.

In September 2012, Sara became Marco Espejo’s partner. That same year, they won the title of Spanish Bachata Champion twice and created their own company under the name Esencia. In 2013, Marco and Sara were proclaimed Spanish champions 4 times. Then, in 2014, they came second in the Spanish championship with their company Esencia.

Then Sara and Marco stop working together. In mid-2014, Sara was called upon for a successful audition that allowed her to take part in “Imperio Azteca”, the professional company of the Prince of Salsa, Jonny Vazquez. So she moved to Milan and stayed there for 6 months. Then in March 2015, she returned to Spain and continued her Solo choreography. She also decided to start working again with “Esencia”. In May 2015, Sara was introduced as Albir Rojas’ new partner. They work together in the world of Kizomba. But Albir & Sara ended their collaboration in December 2016.

Today, they are one of the leading couples in the Bachata field.

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