How To Launch Your Personal Search Of Success in Dance? Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba…


💯 How to Launch Your Personal Search Of Success In Dance?

Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba… 💯


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Ps: this is an extract of my live conference ” The science of Being a rich dancer”

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What would you tell you in your deathbed: “i was a poor dancer”?

95% of the people nearing death say they are dying with regrets. Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse. For many years (8 totally), she worked in palliative care. Her patients were those who had gone home to die. She was with them for the last 3 to 12 weeks of their lives.
Their last moments before dying. 1 of the top five regret is “I wish i’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected to me”.


95% are dying with regrets. In your deathbed which dancer do you want to see? Poor have regrets while abundant ones have a last positive smile…

During your last 3 weeks before dying i don’t want you to say i am dying as a poor dance. I want you to have a last positive thought about the dancer you have become. Good news, you can do something now. Today i am here, at your service and i feel so good.I agreed with myself that everytime i think of the people and not my ass feel better. I am here to give not to require. And i guess at least one thing connects all of us here, today: dance. I am like you I am a dancer. Raise your hand if you do dance?Where are the dancers of salsa? kizomba? bachata? Dancers in pyjama at home? 😀

There is a Science to Get An Abundant Dance Life:

There is a science of being a rich dancer. Some people prefer the expression ” Aboundant dance life”. I assume that the words “rich dancer”, “science” are not combined so easily in your daily life.

So, yes i take a risk today. I could have gone to dance and do something i do as a routine as a comfort yes? But no , i decided to ‘think out of the box as a dancer, make searches and read books to share it with you. My name is Mohamed Aissa, i am the founder of Bachata influence. Im in passion for dance and personal development. Before every conference i say that i am here for 1 person. I am here for 1 person in this conference. Let’s see if this conference can make a change in the dance life of this person. Let’s see if 1 concept, 1 word, 1 story; 1 action…

Today let’s have a pause your dance routine and let’s get some Altitude! This conference is pragmatical not a theory. It is delivered to the men and women who desire to be a rich dancer (to get a more abundant dance experience) . It is for those who did not have
time ,nor the opportunity to think out of the box . It is for those who want new results from now. “You cannot be a rich dancer in 45min but you can be a richer dancer in 45min! “

The power of this conference depends on you. On the decision you make now. have you really decided to change? Do you want this conference make a difference in your dance life? “i don’t’ know whether i will manage to change. I am not sure if the conference can change my dance journey. But what i do know for sure is that if i don’t do anything, nothing will change”. So, sorry my friends, this conference is not a miracle, it will require work to change yourself and your reality.

In this conference, i will not speak of being a rich dancer in a figurative way: to be really rich does not mean to be satisfied with a little. The purpose of nature is progress. Now, between you and me why i’m i talking about becoming a rich dancer?


You Have The right to be a dancer creating Abundance

Because, you have the right to be a rich dancer. You have the right to fully experience your fullest mental, spiritual and physical potential in dance. There is nothing wrong in wanting to be a successful dancer. Your desire is the desire for a more abundant dance journey. This desire is positive,noble. The dancer who does not desire to live a more abundant dance life is not normal. Every person naturally wants to become all that they are able to become, this desire to realize unlimited possibilities is connected with the human nature.


Every man and woman desires the increase, the growth. The desire of growth is natural fundamental for the human being and the universe. Every person is seeking for more food, cloths, better house, more luxuary, more beauty, knowledge, pleasure, more good things well: more LIFE! You deserve more dance life! Every creature has the necessity to have a continuous development. You should make the most of yourself, for yourself. You cannot give a greater service to your dance community by becoming the most of yourself.

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The science of being a successful dancer is accessible

Being a rich dancer is not a matter of environment or the dancers in one city would become all rich while those of other towns would all be poor. If you are now in a city and a person in the same city is getting a rich dancer and you not, it is because you are not doing the things in the right way. Good news, you do not necessarily need the possession of talent in dance to be a rich dancer.

Many people who have a great talent remain poor dancers while others have very little talent get a rich dance journey.At the end, you can develop any talent along your dance journey.

“Creation yes, competition, no.”

You must get rid of the thought of competition. You have to create, not to compete for what is already created. You have to become a creator not a competitor. Dance success/ performances/influence set on the competitive plan are never satisfactory and permanent. You are in competition with no one so do not compare nor think of the people around you. Is the opportunity to be a rich dancer monopolized?

No man is kept poor dancer because other people have monopolized the wealth and have put a protection around it. So, any new dancer has the potential to be a rich dancer.

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Take responsability of your dance journey: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba…

“The gap between the ignorance and the knowledge is much smaller than the gap between the knowledge and the Action”

Today the conference is your information. be a scientist and not a dreamer. Action will make the difference. You have limiting beliefs and think negative?, Start saying, ‘I am capable of great dancing’, or ‘nobody, not even me, knows just how far I can go.’Think in terms of possibility instead of limits. No matter how frustrated or scared you may feel, simply replace ‘I can’t do this’ by ‘I CAN’t do

Always talk in term of growth, progress, rise. Be-careful with your speech, do not talk about you or your dance journey, dance community with some bad, pessimistic thoughts or words. Or looking like discouraged. Keep your faith up. Never admit the possible fail.
When you get obstacle, do not be frustrated. Please celebrate it and contemplate your achieved board have gratitude! Another opportunity will show up soon or later with this right mentality. Summary of the science of being a rich dancer: the dancer becomes certainly rich and the wealth he receives are in proportion with the precision of the GOAL, the regularity of the FAITH and the profounder of the gratitude. Behind this dance dream, the rich dancer has a strong commitment to make the dream come true by acting.

Now? Your turn… 🖐️

Thank you to have read the extract of the Conference. In the Conference i tell you “How?” and “which actions” to implement to set up your own definition & question of dance success. 🖐️


Thank you,





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