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1st episode:

I was affraid to make it but i am happy I’ve made this 1st podcast 😉

Enjoy the recipes 😉

Method to learn bachata.-Start small, think big.

Your bachata journey is a life journey. Think big to open your big potential and act slowly and surely to keep you motived and self-confident.

Connect bachata with your mind, body, emotions

If you just dance bachata with your body, you lose 66% of what Bachata can offer you when you dance. Try to know why you like dancing bachata, dream your dance, and reinforce your mindset. Then, express your mind by your body expression. This might helpto express positive emotions with your partner.

Bachata is a game

Have fun when you dance Bachata, whatever the circumstances. This is an humble discipline, do not take too seriously and think about enjoying. When you dance in workshops, competition, or at home alone,dance for fun. Bachata is a game. “Play”with music, steps and your partner.

Dream the dancer you want to become.

If you have a vision of the dancer you want to be, you have more chance to become this dancer. Dream big and act slowly but surely everyday.

Method to learn bachata. -You are the hero of your bachata story

There are more than 100000 bachata lovers for more than100000 unique bachata stories in the world. Do not compare with others, just think about building up your own original story.You are original !


Learning bachata is exciting but it is also very challenging.There are Up and Down. Never give up, the opportunities to boost your happiness by dancing bachata is too big. Reach your dreams.

Dance as if nobody’s watching:

One great thing about bachata is: it freedom. Dance Bachata as nobody’s watching you. Create your authentic experience, you have Infinite possibilities. Freedom is the power to choose the way you want to dance.


Remember that anything important can’t really be learned in the classroom. It must be learned by dancing, making mistakes and then correcting them.

Be your own teacher

Have a vision and do all necessary actions to get it. In period of Up or Down, you are your own coach. In case of success, you are able to congratulate and reward yourself. In case of failure, you are your best support.

Method to learn bachata.-BE, DO, HAVE

Be Bachata, Do Bachata, Get happiness from dancing bachata. Adopt the right bachata attitude and mindset. Then, dance and practicewith the right spirit. Your chance? At the end the benefits are unlimited…

Take baby steps

Bachata is a long journey. As I like saying “A journey of thousand miles begins with baby steps”. I have seen too much people attempt to take a great leap forward instead of starting with baby steps. “Rome was not built in one day”right? Bachata is your beautiful Rome.

Please let’s make mistakes

Making mistakes will open opportunities to act and grow fast. Be ready to accept bachata learning requires practice,mistakes and corrections. Be surrounded by friendly people who encourage you with compliments, support and recognition.No blame and no judgment.

Method to learn bachata. -The more you dance, the more you become a dancer

Do you require more explanation?This is fairly clear. The more you dance, the more you improve your Bachata mind, technique and results.

Write your goals in bachata

Dancers who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

Method to learn bachata. -Be a unique dancer.

You are not a “copy”, you are original and that is why you are awesome dancer by nature. Even if you follow the same courses as 1000 people, preserve your authentic bachata signature (style, personality). It is time to mind which bachata dancer you want to be

Be prepared to be disappointed

Expect to be disappointed. By emotionally prepared, you can be calm when things do not go your way. When you are calm, you dance better.

Get inspiration Inspiration is everywhere around you and every day.

Social dancers, teachers, International stars, shows in congresses…Everyday 1 different mentor can inspire you. Get inspired and step by step you will be a source of inspiration.

Learning bachata with no limit

You can learn bachata from 7 to 77 years old. Your brain is able to learn the whole life, this is proven by the doctors

Method to learn bachata  -Be happy at any rate

Do not wait to be a successful dancer to be happy.Even as a beginner, you can fully get the positive effects of dancing bachata in your life.

Have a bachata dream

If you target the “average”, you will be an average dancer. If you target the ‘top’, you have more chance to be a very good dancer.

Focus on your strengths

Focus on your strengths and develop them. Do not waste your time to work on your minuses because in the best case you will turn your “minus”into “average”and you will spend so much time for that.

Competition No, Emulation Yes

To be a good dancer,accepted in your community, adopt the right attitude.Be friendly with your partner, dancers from workshops, teachers…Encourage, help, share within your community.

Look at your partner

To fully get a connection, emotions, think about regularly look into the beautiful eyes of your dance partners.Focus and get an amazing feedback and dance connection.

Believe in yourself

You have the potential, the capacities to be the dancer of bachata you want to be. Nobody should say the contrary. You just do not know your limits right? So, try and in the worst case you will be a better version than the one who is stuck and do not think about trying. As said above, the benefits of dancing bachata are too huge to do not try. Believe you can all new possibilities and believe you will succeed.


Your smile when you are dancing is your best passport to get happiness. And do you know what? It’s for free and can bring so much love.

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