A simple new year’s resolution to transform your bachata experience


A simple new year’s resolution to transform your bachata experience

What are your new resolutions in dance for this year? Every year, millions of well-intentioned people (bachata dancers included) make New Year’s resolutions. But less than 5% of us stick to them. A NYR is just a positive habit you want to incorporate into your life or a negative habit you want to get rid of. You do not need a statistic to tell you that when comes the NYRs; most have already given up and thrown in the towel before January has even come to close. What are your new resolutions in dance for this year?

Your new resolutions in dance for this year

A simple way to be a successful bachata dancer: only one…

It costs nothing but it creates much. It enriches those who receive, without impoverishing those who give. Yes it happens in a flash and the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. None bachata dancer is so rich that they can get along without it, and none so poor but are richer for its benefits. This magic is your smile. A smile creates happiness on the dancefloor, in your dance community and goes beyond it. A smile boosts your happiness in your bachata journey and life. This is the antidote for the desperate bachata dancers.

This is the antidote after a day at work under troubles. This is the antidote for creating a successful dance experience. Your smile when you invite a partner for a dance cannot be bought, it has to be sincere. Your smile when you are invited, cannot be borrowed, it has to be authentic. Your smile during and after the dance when you thank your partner, cannot be stolen, it has to be given with a pure gratitude and generosity.

The messenger of your good will as a bachata dancer/person.

What are your new resolutions in dance for this year? Your smile is the messenger of your good will as a bachata dancer. Dancer, DJ, organizers of events, audience, students, teachers. Whatever your “mask’ in the dance community, your smile brightens the lives of all who see it. For people who have got some troubles in the daily life, your smile on the dancefloor is your best therapy and your best instrument to preserve your freedom and happiness. You deserve it! Get a piece of sun, it belongs to you from today.

Get amazing bachata benefits from it:

A female bachata dancer without a smile should be isolated on the dancefloor? Certainly not! Maybe she needs the most your shiny smile. A male bachata dancer without smiling should be not considered? Certainly not! This man needs you the most. Generally, you cannot expect to win friends in your dance community if you do not have this magic in stock. There is no “game” between a smiling dancer and a “dead” one. The smiling one will be more invited at party and get more positive experiences. It doesn’t matter which social background, your age, the finance you have. It’s about your mental attributes. It is a state of mind: adopt the proper state of mind and your community will give it to you back. Smile at your partner and fully get the benefits of dancing Bachata. You are a positive dancer right?

Bachata dancers who are smiling tend to manage learning, teaching, performing more effectively. And the best news is that it is contagious. Your smile on the dancefloor will generate another one…and then another one etc. Do you get it? Yes, because you are a good person hehe…  It will make your interior feel a pure happiness which will be contagious, like a domino’s effect.

An easy resolution for this New Year is to smile in your community. Actions speak louder then words and a smile says “I like you, you make me happy, I am glad to dance with you”.

What are your new resolutions in dance for this year? We have so many reasons to produce this magic of “offering a smile”. It makes you and the people feel good around. Remember one thing; your smile cannot be borrowed, bought, stolen. Your smile will doubtlessly revolutionize your bachata dance experiences and life. And if one day you find a sad dancer; do not analyze it. Just offer what you have the most precious inside you as a dancer: your smile. Offer your sincere smile and do not fail.

Congratulations for this amazing NYR you are about to take, you are a good dancer & a good person.






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