Romeo Santos, king of bachata ?


1/ Romeo Santos, the bachata lover.

He is supremely confident, devilishly and handsome, he is Romeo Santos he is not anonymous. This is, not just a Latin superstar, he is an empire, a worldwide influence hence the qualification of “king of Bachata”.

Santos is one of the biggest bachata stars in the world. The romantic vocals — whether you understand them or not — can feel almost uncomfortably intimate at times, yet the irresistible rhythms still get your hips swaying.

He can sing, he can produce, and he can even act. His name is Romeo Santos, and over the 20 years he has been on the scene, he has become a “bachata-eargasm” in the Latin music world.

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He is a seduction maker, “the” bachata lover by excellence. While performing live, he will typically invite and serenade a lucky lady on stage, which will frequently lead to some level of kissing, groping, or thrusting—whether provoked by him or them. Like a quixotic Don Juan-meets-boyish dreamer à la Shakespearean Romeo but with the charismatic assertiveness of a Latin chivalry, Romeo Santos has made a sensational career out of all things pasión. He has become the top of what a “Latin lover” should be.

Beloved by fans as “The King of Bachata,” Romeo fully embraced the traditional Dominican sounds of his heritage, while fusing modern elements of R&B, hip-hop and pop into a definitive new style that now dominates the Latin music charts.

Romeo Santos, Festival de Viña del Mar 2015, Full Live Concert, FULL HD 1080P

2/ Who is Romeo Santos?

Romeo Santos was born on July 21, 1981, in The Bronx, and his upbringing was pretty normal. He has got the American nationality. He is now in 2018 37 years old.  His dad was a construction worker, and his mom was a stay-at-home parent. Like most vocalist, Santos got his musical training in the church, singing in the choir when he was 12 years-old.

Around the same time he was singing for the Lord, Santos began to develop a taste for bachata music, and when he was 15, he formed a group called “Los Tinellers” (“The Teenagers” in Spanish), in which the members were his cousin Henry Santos and his two childhood friends. As Los Tinellers, they released an album called Trampa De Amor, which got their foot in the door, and in 2000, the group changed their name to “Aventura.”

Adventura obsesion

His name grew, even more, when he was invited to sing for President Barack Obama at the White House in 2009.

Romeo Santos’s Performance at The White House

And two years later, he decided to leave Aventura and concentrate fully on his solo career. His solo debut came that same year, as Formula, Vol. 1 became a smash hit, with the #1 single “You” leading the way.

Santos also was one of the few Latin artists to team up with other musicians from other genres, as his next single, “Promise,” found him singing side-by-side with one of the leading voices of R&B, Usher. “Promise” would follow “You” right to the top of the Latin Singles Chart, and from that point on, he would become a growing sensation.

Romeo Santos Ft. Usher – Promise (LatinGrammyAwards2011) live

He’s already made waves by becoming the first Latino in history to headline at Yankee Stadium, with two sold-out dates in 2014. (Pink Floyd or Metallica couldn’t pack it; Jay Z did, but with the help of Eminem and Justin Timberlake.)

Today, it seems that nobody can slow down the “King of Bachata.”

3/ A Bachata king for the prestigious Media:

Romeo Santos is the Bachata King… You can’t turn on a Latin radio station without hearing Romeo … [Bachata] is going to become even more contagious… [Romeo] OWNS The #1 spot on the Latin charts …Santos has what it takes to win over English-speaking fans.” – USA TODAY

Romeo Santos may be the most important New York pop star of the last decade. It was Santos’s former band, Aventura, who brought Dominican bachata to Latin hit radio, blending bachata’s jittery guitars and lush melodies with hip-hop and R&B. Santos left Aventura to go solo in 2011, and has spent more or less the entire time since perched at the upper reaches of the Latin charts” New York Magazine

“Crossing Over, No Translation Needed … Suave, sweet-voiced singer Romeo is a major star and heartthrob… one of the most prominent Latin singers in the country. …’There are so many people in my house,’ Romeo Santos marveled from the Madison Square Garden stage… this was his first of three sold-out nights at the arena. The Garden is practically a second home to [Romeo]…So forgive him for being so comfortable… Mr. Santos is matter-of-fact about his role: he is the leading titan of bachata, a title that has gone essentially uncontested for a decade… ‘The king stays king.’ He’s not going anywhere.” – * New York Times

4/ Romeo Santos: an empire.

Romeo Santos turns bachata songs into an empire. As a solo artist, Santos became the leading musical voice of young U.S. Hispanics by crafting the top-selling Latin music albums of 2009, 2010 and 2012. Romeo’s landmark solo debut Formula Vol. 1 scored Latin Music’s strongest first week sales in the last six years, spent FOUR MONTHS at #1, was certified Triple-Platinum, received a GRAMMY nomination, He quickly sold-out arenas across the country, including a three-night-stand at ‘his house’ Madison Square Garden (his 8th consecutive sell-out at MSG) that saw Romeo sell more seats at the famed venue than any other artist in all of 2012, including Bruce Springsteen, Justin Bieber, and One Direction.

“If I lift up your skirt, will you give me the right to measure your sanity?” seductively croons the hottest Latino in America, Romeo Santos, against a menacing bachata backdrop on “Propuesta Indecente.” The salacious and wildly popular song is from his best-selling record yet, 2014’s Formula, Vol. 2.Propuesta Indecente” – the first single from Santos forthcoming Formula Vol. 2 has reached an impressive 1.3 billion + views on Youtube in 2018.

Romeo Santos – Propuesta Indecente (Official Video)

His songs are more thematically complex than much of American pop music: “Eres Mia,” from his latest album, tells the tale of a man’s mission to lure a married woman.

Romeo Santos – Eres Mía

And “Hilito” chronicles the heartache of love lost, and how he hangs by a thread to get it back. He also joined the cast of the most important action series of all time, The Fast and the Furious, for its seventh (7th) film.

When Santos took to social media recently to formally announce the album’s title, February 25 release date and other guests (such as Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony and more), #FormulaVol.2 rapidly became a worldwide Twitter trend. Having brought his innovative musical fusion from the school hallways and street corners of the Bronx, to stadium stages and even The White House, Romeo is now “taking Bachata mainstream” (NPR) with a distinctive sound. Unleashing his superpowers via two solo albums (2012’s Formula, Vol. 1 and 2014’s Vol. 2) combined with rousing live performances and star-studded collaborations, Romeo Santos has quickly gone on to make an unprecedented achievement in Latin music. Romeo Santos has built a Bachata Empire. The world king of bachata has now in 2018 a net worth of $30 million. Nothing comparing to how much emotion he does produce on the Latin dancefloo. From Tokyo to Los Angeles, from Paris to Bogota, from Istanbul to Moscou, Romeo is taking over …

5/ Honored by the best bachata dancers:

Daniel y Desiree Bachata Improvisation -Eres Mia- April 2015

Promise featuring Ataca y La Alemana

Odio – Romeo Santos Ft Drake Bachata Dance

Malevo-Bachata Acrobatic with Andrea & Silvia at PBF 2012


Romeo Santos is “THE” bachata lover by excellence, among the best worldwide influencers in bachata. His songs are purely an injection of happiness and emotion, so enjoy it with no limit on the dancefloors and anywhere else… 😉

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