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Seminars & Conferences


A dance seminar is like a dance workshop. The difference is that it feeds your mind and not the technique.Success mindset for dancers is not accessible for everyone. Only those who desire to be a complete dancer from the beginning to the Master plateau of your journey.

  • Do you feel you struggle in your dance journey?
  • Have you got the sensation you dance well but with not the right attitude?
  • Do you feel sometimes isolated or not accepted by your dance community?
  • Do you have serious difficulties to learn how to dance bachata?
  • How to be a positive & social dancer?
  • How to be the dancer they want you to be?

Let’s talk about Successful Mindset for Dancers – Behind a successful dancer there is a successful human being. By a series of exclusive live seminars about dance, I have the desire to reinforce your mentality.

The objective? To get a dance journey with success, harmony and self-confidence !

Ps: a secret for you, more seminars will be posted regularly, stay tunned and get the “Success mindset for dancers” stage !

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