Top 25 sad bachata music to Feel Pretty Damn Good


Top 25 sad bachata music to Feel Pretty Damn Good

What is your Top 25 sad bachata Music? The benefits on your mind, body, well being are infinite. Only bachata music can transform your mood, make you travel into your imagination and make you relaxed. Listening Bachata grant you a moment of freedom and peace. Pause your life and have appreciation for the present moment. In this article you are going to discover a piece of my private Bachata library. The purpose is to help you feel good by listening timeless classic bachata songs. They are priceless because they are crossing the ages. We get positive emotions by listening and dancing on it.

I will regularly send you some Bachata music with different topic and taste. (Here Top 50 Classics in bachata).


Science revealed the pleasure we feel from sad songs

First of all, research from different studies has found that our preference for moody, sad songs isnโ€™t just down to the likelihood of listening to them when youโ€™re depressed. Sad bachata music can actually act as a mood stabilizer, an emotional support & shoulder.

Furthermore, he researchers have summarised that: โ€œThis is the first comprehensive survey of music-evoked sadness, revealing that listening to sad music can lead to beneficial emotional effects such as regulation of negative emotion and mood as well as consolation. Such beneficial emotional effects constitute the prime motivations for engaging with sad music in everyday life.โ€

Briefly, listening to negative and sad music makes us feel better because we can use as an emotional trigger and booster. There is a reason why people (and dancers of bachata are people) are encouraged to listen to sad music when they are sad; the music is connected with the mood of the listeners and allows them to express their emotions in a healthy way. Better than that, sad music also encourages empathy, as listeners not only connect with their own emotions, but with that of the musician, and through that, other people who have gone through the same situation, increasing empathy.

By the way, you will not believe it but sad bachata music impacts more your happiness than positive bachata music. Indeed, the researches additionally found that happy music for people in a positive mood had similar benefits, but was significantly smaller when compared to the sad music group of the study. Read here the study.

For years, science has provided evidence that crying can be a great way to provide catharsis and a positive mood boost, and sad music can facilitate the kind of emotional journey that allows you to let it all go and feel better as a result.

So, are you ready for an injection of shiny depression? Here for you my top sad bachata music to make you feel better or not…

Top 25 sad Bachata music to make you happier:

1-Rakim Ken-Y – Lloraras ( Version Bachata )

2-Julio Mariano BACHATANGO Pasion

3-Bachata-You Will Remember Me / Dominic Marte

4-Romeo Santos Feat. Usher – Promise

5-Mojito Project- You Are Not Alone

6-KING OF LOVE โ–บ Llorare (BACHATA)

7-Hello (Bachata Version) Pablo Bachata Feat:M.Sossa

8- Loisaidas – Aire


10-Daniel Santacruz – No he podido olvidarte


12-Aventura – Lagrimas

13-Adele Set Fire To The Rain Bachata Remix DjBerGi

14-Cry Me a River – Yosan el activao Bachata

15-Prince Royce-Mi Habitacion


17-Marcos Leus – Here without you (bachata urbana )

18-E’ REAL – Bailando ( Bachata Oct. 2011 ) promociรณn GINO DJ

19- “Cosas Del Amor” Javy Sebastian (Bachata Version)

20-Grupo Vena: sangre de mis venas

21- Xtreme- I Love You te estrano slow

22-El Verdadero Amor – JD Melody

23- JR- Confesion

24-All Of Me bachata remix John Legend prod by Bruce the Produce

25-Grupo Extra – Lejos De Ti Acustico

You can search for the songs on youtube and use thisย  tool to get the mp3 version. Listening Bachata is healthy, improve your musicality and your imagination.

How much are you crying and feeling good in one time? Keep this playlist near you.. ๐Ÿ˜‰






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