Top 5 errors done after a Class of Bachata ;)


Top 5 Errors Done After A Bachata Class

Such a lucky dancer you are. Yes! You have nowadays multiple possibilities to attend a bachata class. Open class, workshop, festival are close to your home or easily accessible via international transport. So now it is easier than before to learn Bachata. I do agree with you, it is necessary to attend a class to develop your dance technique whatever your level or aspirations. But you will have long term results if you have the right mentality and the appropriate actions. This article is done to highlight the 5 main errors a bachatero does after a bachata class. Follow the 5 tips and you will improve your learning and practicing process. You will get more efficiency and faster results and fun on the dancefloor. That’s the goal. So, are you ready to be a better dancer? Let’s go!

Bachata class

1/ “I did during the class so, I know?” : No, repeat !

Imagine,you attend a bachata class. You have the right mentality (you are a good person right? ). You come to have a good time, to progress and to listen to carefully the instructions from your dear teacher. Then, as a good student, you try the first practice during the course and you realize it goes smoothly, youdo it even 1, 2, 3 times in row. “OMG! I already know the steps, youpiiii”.

No, it’s wrong! This only an impression, “you think you know the steps”. I admit this is a 1stvery good achievement but, this is not enough to know a step. To know a step, you need more than a one-shot success. You need to “automatize” your success. In other words, you need to improve the connection between your muscle and brain memory. Information, action, transformation! In one word: ACTION! I suggest you to repeat the new dance combination until this new dance routine becomes like a second nature to you. Repeat the steps solo at home and then with a partner at a party. Help your brain, train your brain by the repetition.And then, after your repetition, the new step becomes an automatic routine for your brain. It requires you less effort, energy and will to do the new step.Why? Because it is automatically integrated by your connection of neurons,brain.

If you feel, you can dance the new step:

  • Alone in your mind.
  • Alone dancing in front of your mirror.
  • With a partner from the class at party.
  • With a partner at party you do not know (or at least not from the class)
  • With a beginner

Then, you are in the right way. It means that you know the step. Just one more thing, to know a step for a period does not mean you know the step for life. Go on repeating after your bachata class…

2/ “I only do the new steps and I can forget the old ones?”: No, mix your new and old steps!

When you see you learn, practice, enjoy dancing on your new steps you are like in a “paradise”.You get joy, pride, gratitude from the process, yourself and the people around you.  You are glad to capture in video with your smartphone and send it to your family or to your friend. It boosts your self-confidence and you feel like a superman, a superwoman right? And you are right, this is an accomplishment. Celebrate it and reward yourself!

But, the new dance routine should not replace ‘the old combinations” you have learnt in the past. Learn steps and assume continuity. The “old” steps are part of your bachata story, journey, essence, do not neglect it. Even if you have the feeling you have done it so many times the last months or years, continue. This is still valuable and do not require much effort to do it on the dancefloor. So, continue!

If you mix the old and new steps you get a better dance value, your “database of steps” is getting richer. If you replace your old steps by new ones, you make your “database of steps” poorer…My advice is to learn a new step during the class, practicing it as priority at the next Latin party. Start your dance by the new step (yes uncomfortable:D) and then when you do it, follow you dance with your steps already well known.

You are getting to be a better dancer, do you feel it? 😀

3/ “I can’t do the step during the class, so I give up?”: No, practice all the steps!

Your teacher wants you the good in your development. He/she wants you to feel great and bring you the best out of you. Sometimes, he will place you out of your comfort zone and challenge you. A new step, a new style of bachata….

If you have the impression you cannot do it during the bachata class, it does not mean that you cannot do it. So do not eliminate it, it is too early. Maybe you were tired from work, moody… Whatever the reason, capture the step in video with all explanations by the instructor and save it in your “bachata database”.  Practice first the steps which inspire you the most. And one day practice the steps you have put aside.  Allow yourself to have a second chance and experience.  You will see, you have more chance to do it successfully.  Accept the fact all the steps will not inspire you at first view.  Accept the fact you can do it after a few more training and it will actually boost your confidence.  If you do not succeed at least you have tried which is valuable. It will help you for the future dance challenges,doubtlessly!

Generally, you get 80% of the steps during the class. For the other 20% it requires more effort out of the course area.  Challenge yourself and work on this “20%” and you will be able to say “I manage the entire combination”.

The teacher, classmates, your community will be proud of you. Self-esteem, recognition and gratitude come when you go beyond your comfort zone. So, practice all the steps



4/ “I have to dance exactly how the teacher has taught me?”: No, use your own signature!

Do you want to be “robot” or an authentic dancer with your own signature? The message is clear right? 😀

All want it but not everyone can do it.

My advice is to follow the instructions of the teacher first during your bachata class. And then, when you are able to do the step naturally you can get the “phase2”.  Personalize the step according to your personality,values and aspirations. Sometimes it is about a small adjustment.

  • Use the step in your dance introduction.
  •  Make it longer or shorter.
  • Make it easier or more stylish.
  • Adapt the step according to the level of the partner.
  • Interpretation.
  • Adapt the step according to the musicality of the song.
  • Reserve this step for some kind of styles of bachata music.
  • Add a lady’s style or man’s style

This makes the difference between a bachata dancer and a good bachata dancer. Keep the 80% from your teacher and allow 20% from you. Have your own steps have your own signature…


5/ “I will do all the steps I have learned in the class”: No, select!

It is important to be curious in bachata and dance in general. But, you need to prioritize. After a bachata class, you have the impression some steps inspire you more than others.  Practice it first. Then, in a second phase, train the challenging ones. Say differently, practice all the steps but at the end…select!  Select the steps you have learned/practiced according to which create the best dance experiences on the dancefloor.  Select the steps which generate you the most amount of happiness, pride, fun, amusement and confidence.

For example, when you attend an international festival you learn 20 or 30 new steps in a weekend. This is impossible to learn all right after the Congress. You need to select first. Our “will” is limited, economize it and get better dance results.

Thank you for reading this article. That was the top 5 errors committed by a bachata dancer after a Bachata class. Be attentive during the bachata class. Then practice and get fun with your new dance routine.  Train your brain and will get the best benefits of dancing bachata. The good dancers are aware of these natural mistakes. And the successful dancers of bachata, are able to correct it…







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