Good for you, i have delivered a live seminar named “how to be a good bachata dancer in 7 phases?

I know it is not easy to become a complete dancer. Good news,Bachata Influence is here to guide you. You will find resources, advices, support to improve your well being and satisfaction in your bachata experience.I will give you my personal hints & tips to avoid the common issues and traps. At the end, if you follow it, if you have the right mentality and technique you will be a happier and more successful dancer.


MISSION 1: watch it!


Your first mission will be to watch 7 motivational videos you can download for free.This live conference is a solution to overcome some important topics the bachata dancer is struggling with:

  • Why is it so important to dream as a dancer?
  • What is the method “Be,Do,Have” for a dancer?
  • Why is choosing the right teacher so much important?
  • What is the top key routine to progress everyday?
  • How to get a peaceful dance journey?
  • Why should you go out of your comfort zone?
  • Why will a positive dancer always have the advantage ?

In one word, I explain you how to boost your dance routine from today without ruining you 😉

How can I receive this seminar?

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MISSION 2: Use 1 good practise from today from each articles.

Once it’s done and you have fully watched the videos, i ask you to read 7 articles and connect the content and good pratises with your current dance situation 😉

1- How is bachata different than Salsa?

2- Top 3 mistakes done by a bachata beginner

3- 7 reasons to start Bachata from today

4- The different styles of bachata

5- Top 5 error you do after a bachata class

6- What i “Social dancing” at parties?

7- Your golden triangle in dance: partner, steps, musicality

MISSION 3: Interview, confessions, secrets…

Your third mission is to have a look at these 2 interviews. One from an artist and one from a bachatero “like” you and me. Read their secret story and confessions…

Interview 1: DJ Tronky “My job? Dj and Happiness Maker”

Interview 2: Allan Beurot “My first Bachata Congress and my fears”

MISSION 4 : Here my story

If you want to know more about me: here my personal dance story


MISSION 5: Tell me about your bachata dance project

I created this blog 1 year ago now. More than a thousand of you now follow me daily on my blog & social networks, and more than 3000 visit my site each month.

As a result, more and more of you are also leaving me comments or sending me private messages so that I can answer various questions about the practice of bachata.

Thank you very much for being active readers who participate in the life of my blog, and for your support every day.

I would like to be able to help you more in your bachata experience, and for that I have created a survey whose answers will allow me to target your expectations. I will then be able to answer them as much as possible.

In order to make YOUR voice and specific needs heard, I invite you to fill out the form below (promised, it’s not long 😉), and to be as specific as possible about your requests and expectations.

I look forward to discovering the results and being able to offer you even more in-depth support in your desire to become a better Bachata dancer!


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