7 reasons why you should dance Bachata today!


7 reasons why you should dance Bachata today!


Why to dance bachata? Bachata is popular dance in the world.  This is like a ritual, in the “to do list” every month, week, day. Why do Bachata dancers regularly meet? Why such need? By curiosity, have you ever asked yourself, your friends “why do you dance bachata?”, “Why do I dance Bachata”? “Why do I like Bachata?”.In this article, you are going to discover 7 reasons why you like bachata. Get inspired!


As you can see in my bachata story, bachata dance has significantly impacted my life, my relationship with dance, people and myself.  So, I can share more than 7 reasons and in one time everyone has his own good reasons to dance bachata which I respect and even encourage. My article is a suggestion and you can go on exploring the topic connecting it with your own experience.

When I started Bachata it was only to discover a new challenge, new areas to have fun and fulfill myself. In case of fail at least I could say “I have tried”. In the worst case, I know what I do not want to do. As you understand, that is not what happened for me and millions of Bachata dancers in the world.

Dancing bachata is more than dancing bachata. Anyone can start dancing bachata, there is no special background needed. You decide it by yourself and set your own dreams, vision, goals. Whatever the level of bachata technique or experience, we can identify at least 7 reasons ”Why I like Bachata”.

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Here is an overview of what we are going to cover:

  • 1- You can travel by dancing bachata.
  • 2-By dancing bachata you will never walk alone
  • 3- Dancing bachata will challenge you
  • 4- Bachata: happiness factory.
  • 5- It will give you confidence.
  • 6- You can make a difference in the lives of others.
  • 7- It opens up opportunities and projects.

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1/ Why dancing bachata?You can travel by dancing bachata

Do you know what might be boring? To stay at home, in your city, in your routine. Why not exploring your possibilities to have MORE FUN? You are still young, why not exploring cities, countries, and people by dancing bachata? As your passport is your document to cross the borders, bachata is your passport to extend the borders of happiness. No one wants to wait until retirement to explore the world. By chance, bachata is a world wide community and family. Since I have been dancing, I have traveled alone, with my girl friend, with friends in Turkey, Spain, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and danced with Bachata lovers from the world. You can visit unexplored cities, countries and dance bachata everywhere. As a bachata dancer, you will be welcome everywhere. You are part of a world wide community sharing the same passion and language. A beginner might meet other beginners from the 5 continents near your living place or at the end of this wonderful planet. That is “why I like bachata“.

2/ By dancing bachata “you will never walk alone”

One of the biggest motivation to start bachata: to have a social life. I am not saying bachata is the only way to have a social life. I want to say bachata is a powerful social life booster. You can dance everywhere, anytime and with anyone. Can the shiest people can get the fruit? Yes! I was very shy when I started. Bachata is a great way to multiply your social connections. Geographically, travel and discover cultures, people, places by dancing bachata. Dancing bachata is not the same in Turkey and in Spain for example. 2 wonderful countries and cultures for 2 different positive dance experiences. In term of psychology, it helps the shiest ones to open themselves and be conscious bachata can be a way to boost your self-confidence, your desire to be an important person, and the possibility to be accepted by a very kind family. Bachata dance gives you the occasion to forget your hard day at work and breath in a pool of freedom and smile. Bachata is also a great therapy in case of emotional, financial or psychological issue or down period.

Bachata is not a miracle but after years of experience, I can assure you, “by dancing bachata you will never walk alone…”. That is “why I like bachata“.

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3/ Why dancing bachata? Challenge yourself

There is no growth in the easy-going. True growth comes from facing challenges and learning how to overcome those challenges. Some of the challenges I faced along my bachata journey (still in progress):

  • I failed my first invitation in my first social dance at the party. I was shocked to receive a “NO” from the girl. This was an opportunity to realize that it was entirely my fault and that I could do differently next time.
  • I failed in my social dance experiences. When I started to be an intermediate I used to dance showing-off all my known steps in order to impress. Instead of dancing with emotion, feeling and caring for the partners. Although this is what leads to the best dance experiences.
  • I failed in musicality until the day a nice woman asked me to hear the music and dance from music, instrument, voice, silence… She was right and I was wrong.
  • I failed when I thought I was a good dancer until I visited my 1st world bachata congress in Madrid in 2013, Bachatea… I was the worst ever there. A shock…
  • I failed as a teacher and DJ in my beginning. And I have learned how to dance, teach, play bachata music FOR my partners, students, dancers. Less ego, more empathy, and generosity makes better experiences.
  • And so many more…

We are still challenged all the time and this is part of the reason why we LOVE dancing bachata. Learn about you, people and start your transformation. Be a better version of yourself dancing bachata. That is “why I like bachata“.

4/ Why dancing bachata? happiness maker

Why i like bachata“? Because it gives you happiness. I have noticed a serious rise of happiness in life discovering bachata dance. Bachata is a pleasure, smile, and positive emotions booster. More than a one-shot, bachata has the power to repeat the positive experiences and can offer you an enduring happiness. Whatever the level of your dance, your origins, your personality, bachata is a golden occasion to:

  • Make friends.
  • Be healthy (bachata is good for your brain, soul, bones, heart and body condition).
  • Have more respect for yourself and people.
  • Boost your self-importance
  • Get and offer seduction, desire, sexuality.
  • Get a medicine in case of depression or down period.
  • Get freedom (yes in 3 min of dance, you disconnect the world and be and do who you want).
  • And so many more…

5/ Bachata gives you confidence

Why i like bachata“? Because it gives you confidence. Starting from 0 is frequent in your bachata journey. You may have regular challenges, uncertainty to overcome. It is never easy to start from 0 when you discover bachata as a beginner. It is never easy when you are a good dancer and you start from 0 as a teacher. It is never easy when you dance for the first time with an unknown partner at the party. Well you get the idea…

Exploring new situations, being insured will be the best opportunity for you to open your possibilities and happiness. I have learned a lot about it: do baby steps and have a big vision is often a great tip from the positive psychology recommends. And do you know what? This is valid for bachata too…

Act step by step, get small results, congrat yourself (if it is not done by your community itself) and you will be very surprised how your self-confidence can rise. 99% of people will thank you to be a bachata dancer.

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6/ By dancing bachata,you can make a difference in the lives of others

The more you are happy in bachata and the more you make happiness in your bachata community. And the more the bachata community give you a positive return. It works as an unconscious win to win relationship between you and this wonderful discipline. A 4min-social-dance with an unknown partner can change the life of your partner. (and vice versa). You provide a life experience to your partner from a 3 min dance, great impact right? My period of teaching was an occasion to impact the lives of hundreds of people over the last couple of years. I have helped people to progress in their bachata technique, mind and happiness. Some of them are happy social dancers, teachers, able to make a show, participate in friendly or international competitions; share the passion for bachata with the new comers etc…When I started, I had no idea what my own development would impact the rise of others.While you may start dancing bachata to make happiness or for any reasons you can have, the purpose of your bachata dance should be to serve OTHERS. That is “why I like bachata“.

Bachata and dance is great for your body and mind.

7/ Bachata opens opportunities and projects

From 0 to bachata dancer. From bachata dancer to teacher. From teacher to DJ. From DJ to blogger in bachata. The possibilities are unlimited. The journey is exciting because if you open your mind, you will attract opportunities to be successful, happy and performing. Once you find success in one area, you can use that success to leverage the growth of new projects that come across your path.

And to be honest with you, it costs almost nothing compared to the standards of costs nowadays. When I started bachata, I started by…a free open class. One hour after this, I had the possibility to dance correctly 3 basic steps on the dancefloor. The party cost 4 euros with a drink included, in France (Montpellier). Investment in term of money is relatively low compared to all positive emotions and experiences you get from dancing bachata. In term of psychology, it costs a lot when you start your journey from 0. But when you realize a small action, a small effort can create a big satisfaction, it motivates you to go on exploring. Right?

I cannot tell you how deep was my feeling after my first bachata night: an ocean of positive emotions, a dream, and a vision…

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Thank you for reading. What about you? Ask to yourself “why i like bachata?”. I recommend you and action right now please. Grab a blank paper and write 3 reasons why you like Bachata and then, select your only one reason, the most important. You will have it in your mind and it will give you a direction. Share your experience by leaving a comment, sharing this article, and talking about the reasons why people like bachata in your dance community.

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