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Bachata Influence

My name is Mohamed Aissa, I am a bachata lover. I have been dancing bachata for many years. So many courses attended so many social dances at parties, so many social connections all around the world, so much pride to see my students having an injection of happiness from dancing bachata. And now, “Oh-My-God”. I’m so pumped and excited to finally start my blog about Bachata! I have learned so much about being bachata, doing bachata that I want this blog to help the bachata dancers to get at least as much happiness as I have got. I was afraid of exploring this new “marathon” with you. But, for now, I’m just excited to get started. Time for adrenaline! Thanks for being here and reading this!

For those who prefer to watch a summary in video here the video:

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Bachata can influence our lives

Before starting, here some questions for us. How can we be a skilled and passionate dancer starting from nothing? How to make a thousand friends in a local and worldwide community? Is it possible to feel better and happier dancing bachata? For me, failing again an again was necessary to come to success. That was not easy at all… but yes, it happened. To begin with, I was the opposite of a dancer: I was shy, I played football. By nature, I walked more than I danced on a dancefloor. Do you know the quote “Dance, do not walk?”. Moreover, I had strong prejudices and doubts about dancing as a man. Dancing and music were more feminine by nature in my mind. I didn’t want to change my masculine side…I was so damn wrong ! That changed my whole life.

Bachata: your happiness maker

Imagine Bachata as a bridge for positive emotions: love, joy, fun, pride, smile, friendship, hope, veneration, serenity, gratitude. Imagine Bachata as a mirror of your personal transformation.  Imagine you live your dance and dance your life. Imagine how, every day you become more and more the dancer you have dreamed to be. Imagine you as the hero of your story…This blog is your guide to fully live your authentic Bachata experience…

Bachata Influence: your guide

Bachata Influence is about helping you to:

  • Be a good bachata dancer.
  • Design your dance connection.
  • Make friends
  • Get infinite happiness.

Created by a bachata lover for all bachata lovers, Bachata Influence is about building a new lifestyle. It is not about your level of bachata but more about your personality and your human values. Welcome to our worldwide community! We help people dance, evolve and get better life’s opportunities by dancing bachata. We share practices for improving your bachata mind, emotion and educational process. I started from 0 and if I did it, you can do it! This blog will help you. I wished I had such help when I started. We are all moving in the same direction together and this is a place for real help and guidance. I say “WE” because bachata Influence is your contribution. I am so happy to be your humble guide. The question is not “if bachata will boost your happiness” but more “how much bachata will boost your happiness”. You are the hero of your authentic story and this blog is your guide.”Start small and see big”, this is exactly what I recommend you and what I am currently doing with bachata Influence.

Post and share your feedback below and let’s express our positive mind.

I am so happy to start this new adventure with you.

Bachata regards,





Why Bachata


Hey this is Mohamed. I help you to Dance Bachata & Be a Mindful Dancer. My desire is to energize the person and the dancer you are with concrete tips. You are awesome by nature and i will help you to manifest it here... -Mohamed


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