Why wear dance shoes?


Why wear dance shoes?

Do you have your dance shoes? Don’t you wear your dance shoes yet? As with all sports activities, there are clothes dedicated to dancers. In class or in the evening, dancers usually wear a little top, and leggings, or a dress. Dancers dress more classically with pants, shirts or t-shirts. However, one article has a prominent place for experienced practitioners: it is the dance shoe.

Why is this article so popular?

What are the motivations for buying a pair of dance shoes?

Dance shoes

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Why wear dance shoes?Avoid injuries

The vast majority of Latin dances require dancers to perform tricks. This places a heavy strain on the joints of the knees and ankles. This is why joint injury is quite common in the bachata dance world. It is the result of a twisting of the joint that results from friction between the shoe and the ground. Dancers therefore prefer to practice dancing on parquet flooring, rather than on tiles or any other surface.

But the surface material is not sufficient to reduce the risk of injury. The material of the sole of the shoe is also decisive. Thus, as soon as you do many tricks, it becomes important to buy a pair of dance shoes. The sole of a shoe is made of a material that minimizes friction. This material is usually suede or leather. The result is incredible and it makes it much easier to perform the movements.

Improve comfort, flexibility and stability


These characteristics are the ones most sought after by dancers. In the world of latin dance, they have enabled Manuel Reina to become an internationally renowned brand. In the world of Latin dance, women mainly wear heels shoes. Indeed, they often walk on tiptoe. The search for stability is therefore essential. The heel is wide and thus improves this stability.
For a good comfort, it is important that the ankle and feet are well maintained. Therefore, the foot must not go forward. And it is important that the ankle does not rotate during movement.
Finally, it is important that the shoe is perfectly adjusted to the foot. In addition to a feeling of comfort, this will provide greater flexibility. The shoe and foot are then perfectly adjusted. This improves the dancer’s sensations on the dance floor.

Have style


Like the footballer wearing a jersey and shorts, the golfer playing golf with the help of his clubs, the Latin dance enthusiast likes to go out in the evening wearing his dancing shoes. In this way, he communicates his belonging to a community. With as much diversity as for street shoes, the number of existing models for women is very high. For example, all colours are available for sale. Shoes can be works of art. The creators do not hesitate to decorate them with rhinestones to make them as visible as possible.

Many brands are present on this market. Depending on the quality of the product, prices can range from 30€ to more than 200€ for women. For men, prices range from 30€ to 130€. This is a highly recommended investment for both men and women.

But if I can add a last thing, a dance shoes will never make you a great dancer if you do not have the right dance mind and mentality…

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